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इस रविवार को लाइव मास्टरक्लास आपको सिखाएगा कि कैसे शुरू से Option Chain Analysis करना है। PAY for MASTERCLASS:

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Thursday Live: On Every #Thursday we come live sharp at 9:30 AM & it is a show of 90 Minutes. In which Market is predicted with the help of the LTP Calculator for the practical learning of Community members.

Sunday Webinar: Every Sunday we conduct a webinar on #zoom for 4 Hours. It is a non-stop webinar followed by a Q&A session which is continued until the last hand is raised on Zoom. In this webinar, one can learn how to trade in Nifty Bank Nifty & Stocks with the help of the LTP Calculator. Further for practices of the same one can join our community.

Community: Our community is India’s biggest community for option buyers who trade with the help of the LTP Calculator. For community members 300+ hours of daily class Video is available & every day a 2:30 Hours videos class video is uploaded for unlimited access. If one has time in the evening can join the live class as well which is conducted from 7:45 PM to 10 PM from Monday to Friday.

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25 thoughts on “NIFTY ही नहीं Stocks भी देंगे बढ़िया Trade ?☝?@ltpcalculator”

  1. SEBI ने 17.2 करोड़ का जुर्माना लगाया है ऐसे ही एक मोहम्मद नसीरूद्दीन अंसारी पर, जो यूट्यूब पर "बाप ऑफ चार्ट" चैनल चलाता था… और लोगों को प्रॉफिट की गारंटी देता था, और झूठा प्रॉफिट दिखाता था, SEBI ने बताया उसका खुद का LOSS 2 करोड़ था…..

    ठीक उसी तरह ये श्रीमान लोगों को ULLU बनाते हैं,,, ZARA लाइव TRADE करें और दिखाए, तब आपका ग्यान पता लगे

  2. Chutiye log gyaan pelte hue 😂 bhai ek kaam kar 1 din mei stocks mei se 10k nikaal ke dikha..chodh chal 5k nikal 😂😂 for that u need to invest in the right stock, nd atleast put 1L in it, considering price rises 5% which is very very rare 😂 aur itne stocks roz roz dhundega kaun jo Roz 5% ki cap dete hain..🙄

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