My top 3 penny assets | How to analyse PENNY stocks?

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If you are always on the lookout to buy penny stocks, then this video is JUST for you.

I will explain what penny stocks are and how to intelligently take bets on them.

More importantly, should you be even buying them or not?

Watch the whole video to understand better:)

0:00 Intro
03:14 Penny Stocks
07:00 Risks to mitigate
13:57 Should you invest in penny stocks?

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Video Editor: Shivam Sangal
Thumbnail: Ayushman Khare

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42 thoughts on “My top 3 penny assets | How to analyse PENNY stocks?”

  1. Penny stock means stocks that are available at a throwaway price, only price matters here and nothing else. Majority of them don't have any fundamentals so why even bother looking at it. Its only a "PRICE ACTION" game. So rather than buying a Rs 65 stock as penny it would be far better to buy Yes bank, IRFC, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd etc as penny then.

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  3. Hi @akshat – this video has gone above 15k likes. So as you've committed, please share a short separate video on Cerebra pls!? I've put a sprinkle like you've advised 🙂 Would be keen to know!

  4. Dolat Algotech is in the business of trading and investment using the computer algorithms and data science.

    Company enjoys more than 68% operating profit margin, healthy growing sales and profit, completely debt free company.

    Stock is at good price range to buy and hold for long term.

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