My 1st time paying taxes as a Forex trader… This is how I got it done!

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20 thoughts on “My 1st time paying taxes as a Forex trader… This is how I got it done!”

  1. Hello, hope you are well. You mentioned you don't pay quarterly taxes, but you put away a percent you mentioned is for the expenses you would need throughout the year. If you are using that money for expenses all year, how are you going to pay taxes at the end of the year?

  2. So, he's recommending to save up to 30% of your withdraw from your prop firm. So, let's say you made $10k on a $100k funded account. The prop firm takes their cut of 20%. Leaves you $8k. So, you'll pay 30% from that $8k or 30% from the overall $10k?

  3. When is the last time you've seen these YouTube guys post a link to a financial report of a real account? They sure do have a ton of other links though ?

  4. We need more God’s people in this space…. Am so encouraged for bringing God to your business because He’s the one that give us power to get wealth…. Love you my brother.

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