$MGLD +100% during the Live Day Trading Morning Show with Ross Cameron

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24 thoughts on “$MGLD +100% during the Live Day Trading Morning Show with Ross Cameron”

  1. does anyone know any broker that allows to stop trading after you lost certain amount of money? for example if I lost 1000 on the day my broker can stopped me from trading? does any broker out there have this option?

  2. My worst fault as a trader is still emotions — greed, fear, then anger when greed and fear cause me to fail, which is then followed by sloppy forced trades. With no emotion…. well… anyway, at least I pinpointed the issue. What to do about it is next. EDIT: Thanks for your transparency and sharing, Ross!

  3. Things are changing, a stock has 33 percent revenue increase 4th quarter, you expect the stock to go up 50 cents, it goes up 20 cents in pre market and at the opening bell it drops 30 cents. WHY? Nothing makes sense anymore. Then a stock with no news goes up a dollar. WHY?

  4. Looks like I traded MGLD at the same time you did, from $6.15-$6.95. Made $800 and gave it back trying to predict the moves. Ended positive but I forget to just take what the market gives

  5. Ross you mentioned one of the stocks today was hard to borrow. quick question, if the stock is hard to borrow is that hard to borrow from a particular broker or is the stock itself that is hard to borrow? Thanks, love your context, great show!

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