Members of Congress trade defense stocks as war rages in Ukraine

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12 thoughts on “Members of Congress trade defense stocks as war rages in Ukraine”

  1. Good on you, Brian, and the NY Times for at least addressing this issue, which reeks of possible privileged corruption, much like the check-kiting scandal decades ago. Now dig deeper and find real dirt. Apparently Nancy Pelosi is the "best" stockpicker around (or her husband, Paul–though of COURSE she would NEVER give him "tips," Nooo, lol!), and, surprise, surprise, is against reform here and FOR giving TONS of our money to Ukraine and defense contractors!

  2. That's completely insane to think anyone would believe that garbage about these politician's giving complete autonomy on decisions to their broker. Brian is 10000% correct. Who in their right mind would do that. Here's my money, do whatever you want with it… just insane deception and corruption.

  3. Your tax dollars at work. If only they could invest that way elsewhere and make profits instead of 30 Trillion of Debt that won’t actually pay itself off without draining the economy

  4. These members of Congress need to stop lying and just be up front with their stock trading and stop saying they dont talk to their broker to make the trades because we all know they do.

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