Master Stock Trader Dan Crenshaw Beats The Market And Nancy Pelosi

Did you know that congressman Dan Crenshaw was able to generate higher returns in the market than the SPY and Nancy Pelosi?
All while filming action movies and serving the people of Texas. Dan often speaks about the radical left, immigration and vax mandates, however he real focus is on how to get a return out of the stock market.
You may wonder why Dan Crenshaw does not talk about this part of his life? Its because he is “neutral” on the issue. However we are not and we are going to go into it.

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16 thoughts on “Master Stock Trader Dan Crenshaw Beats The Market And Nancy Pelosi”

  1. A little dishonest to say the president has no influence over inflation. If the separation of powers was working as intended and bureaucracies were truly independent I’d agree, but you’re either naïve or lying if you don’t recognize the monolithic movement of the executive, legislative and administrative powers to increase spending and print money over the last two years that has led to inflation. That was both parties, both branches and non branches with little if any pushback. So please, spare me your sanctimony that “you and your audience know best.” Because you’re either being misled or misleading just as badly as you’re accusing Crenshaw of doing.

  2. Not mad at Dan at all get your money, But wish people could see past the political BS. Its extremely obvious why he's on the Committee that he is on.

  3. Congress members have advisors that trade for them. This guy Crenshaw and Pelosi, prob don’t even understand options but they can relay inside info to their advisors who manage their capital, which they are definitely doing. Damn good gig ? professional grifters make money

  4. He's going to cash in big with all the lobbying money from Energy companies on top of his market performance. He's playing the game very well.

  5. Pure insider trading. 170k a year not enough for him lol and he is not concerned with serving his voters. It's all performance. Good video

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