Making $900 DayTrading Stocks LIVE Commentary (DayTrading Tips & Tricks)


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20 thoughts on “Making $900 DayTrading Stocks LIVE Commentary (DayTrading Tips & Tricks)”

  1. Great vid, commentary on live trading with the thought process. Would like some more thoughst on the level 2 reading but dang, no tape?

  2. As someone who has been thinking hard about joining Green Wall Street (and has some limited knowledge about stock trading already), this was really interesting because it but the process more into perspective. Getting verbal tips, tricks, and knowledge is all good, but seeing it used in action creates a completely different enthusiasm for the entire process and learning as a whole. Great content!

  3. Bought GEVO over a month ago. Sold at $1…. should have went out for coffee and came back to it later. Still made $1200 but should have been $5000

  4. Been waiting for an analysis Like this. This was amazing. Perfect and thank you for teaching us. I haven’t gone through the videos. But I’m
    Hoping there is one on how you screen for stocks and also how much youre day trading with when you trade small cap stocks such as this one ^ GEVO

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