Make Regular Profits in Options Trading: Strategy + Risk Management #Face2Face with

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We bring you a video on Face2Face Trading featuring Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, and Mr Tarun Muradia.

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In this video, Mr. Tarun Muradia will teach us a profitable options trading. Set clear expectations, manage small capital effectively, and employ a strategic approach for consistent returns. Emphasizes risk management and adapting to market events.
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42 thoughts on “Make Regular Profits in Options Trading: Strategy + Risk Management #Face2Face with”

  1. Dear Vivek sir, I acknowledge that this is best f2f that I saw and grab learning among each and every videos. I want to say that I have seen 5 times every video of f2f. One day same thing I will visit you and repeat same these word to you in my ppt.

  2. मोरल ऑफ द स्टोरी: दूर दूर की स्ट्राइक्स बेचो. उसमे महारत आ गई तो उसके इर्द गिर्द भारी भरकम फिलासफी भी रच सकते हो..😊

  3. No where in the world CAs are successful businessmen, only accounting doesn't get you to the top Mr. Bajaj. Being An MBA Finance doesn't help you open a bank. I am not saying studying is bad but over education makes you good only in the LABORATORY

  4. Great session …
    I follw exact same process but on individual shares . This further improves probability of winning. I only do covered calls ..

    Important learning for me was … process has to be documented and crystal clear. right now its bit adhoc for me. I wish you gain maturity and one day share this knowledge with all on face to face ..

  5. It reminds me the movie bheja fry where they call and make fun of innocent singer. Vivek bajaj is like that rajat sharma who make fun of innocent people. Thiis CA remnds me that innocent guy who says beer to whisky ki choti behen hai

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