​Live Scanner and Day Trade Ideas – NO DELAY – Morning Gappers Momentum and Halt

An alternative to Trade Ideas stream WITHOUT DELAY, Realtime Live Scanner / Live Screener, High Of Day, Low Float, Halt Scanner, and high momentum scanner for Stocks and morning gappers.
We stream our Live scanners during Pre Market and Market Hours.

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We provide the best Stock Market scanner and screener tools for Day trading without delay.

How to use our live scanners :
The easiest way is to “read” the frames from top to bottom.
The more green you see, the more potential for profitability.

Events in our scanners come with little audio cues (so you don’t have to stare at them too much).

Also, our charts show
– tools that can help traders size their trade according to stock price, volatility, and risk.
– potential halts level (during market hours).

You can ask us any questions in the chat. Our friendly community is always happy to help.

Chat rules and Guidelines:
How to communicate about your trades with our community:

The scanners show stocks with high momentum probability (highest % gap from the previous day, with volume).
Stocks are sorted by %Gap.
We are looking for stocks with a high gap %, high volume, positive slope for Vwap (ZenV), a high potential for volatility (ZenP), Small spread, High volatility vs. spread, and price above Vwap.
Momo HoD low-float = for momentum stock with a very low float.

Market Hours:
Stocks are sorted by potential profitability.
We show multiple momentum scanners:
-Momo HOD-0.5 / Hod-1 / Hod-2 = for momentum stocks almost reaching High Of Day.
-2 minutes momentum = for short-term momentum.
-Overextended = for stock with strong and fast momentum, which may need a correction.
-Halt Scanner = shows stocks halted due to high volatility (with a voice-over and a countdown to estimated resumption time).

Audio cues:
Bell = every 5 minutes.
All audio events are registered in the alert box (lower right corner).

Female Voice = a blinking stock in the new scanner (the one in discord) = a new stock is rising toward HoD.
Male Voice = a stock with a surge in price (2 minutes momentum) + volume.

A summarized description of each column inside the Zen Momo scanner:
You are looking for each column to be green. There are levels of green. The more neon green is what you are focusing on.
When all columns are green, this is when the stock has the most potential to move higher.
This is not trading advice. This is a suggestive signal for you to evaluate with your Due diligence.

VwapSlope .. the slope of Vwap … older version of ZenV

Po… = PotentialPL .. older version of ZenP = potential volatility (more accurate replacement for LowFloat as it measures instead of expecting volatility)

atrSpread is the contribution of spread into the volatility. (measured with ATR)
​too much spread in volatility = the price moves more due to spread than to real price action = red

AtrToVwap … the distance to Vwap in ATR unit … green above Vwap, red below VWAP

AtrToHighofDay … the distance to High of Day in ATR unit … green when less than 1 ATR to HoD

ATR = Average True Range
HOD = High of Day
VWAP = Volume Weighted Average Price
Low-Float = A stock with a small float will generally be more volatile than a stock with a large float.
This is because, with fewer shares available, it may be harder to find a buyer or seller.
This results in larger spreads and often lower volume.

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DISCLAIMER: You know, that boring thing that says that what we do here is for entertainment purposes and is the reflection of personal opinions and that we always encourage you to only trade what you understand and never follow anyone’s opinion? … well, it is boring but true! (and obviously an obligation !) … also watch left and right before crossing the street! …and smile at people, it is good for you, and good for them.

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