Live Market Chat for Friday 5/26/2023 for #Stocks #Oil #Bitcoin #Gold and #Silver

Live Market Chat for Friday 5/26/2023 for trending Stocks, Oil, Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver.
Live open chat to ask questions about the market.

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Daily market review is in this approximate order $BTC $TLT $UUP $VIX $SPY $QQQ $IWM $GLD $SLV $GDX $GDXJ $AG $AEM $PAAS $X $NUE $VALE $CCJ $CF $MOS $NTR $AMD $SMH $AAPL $MSFT $META $NDAQ $RBLX $TSLA $MS $JPM $XBI $TAN $FSLR $USO $XOP $XOM $UNG

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10 thoughts on “Live Market Chat for Friday 5/26/2023 for #Stocks #Oil #Bitcoin #Gold and #Silver”

  1. well put dan. your vlog is so on point. Could the market go higher yes it can should it probably not. The fundamentals are screaming pull back but market is not listening. i have put on more shorts on the techs with tight stop. It takes a big man to admit he is wrong and i respect your mela culpa . I believe that the market is just sucking in the stupid for Major drop.

  2. Paying yourself and taking money out is one of the best disciplines to do. You don’t really notice when things are going good but when you lose you still have something and it helps your mental game.

  3. The market is expecting cuts in the back half of the year, but with econ data coming in strong still and market raging inflation won't come down so maybe more hikes through summer and hold, which the market has not priced in.

  4. Nice cap. Ai and tsla. Tsla is great story but not to long ago there was no one to play against them. Not true true today.
    Still great American story to be sure but not my investment dollars. I have a business and the worst thing is more competition….

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