3 thoughts on “Live day trading penny stocks! Small account live stream of low float stocks”

  1. tcon pushin 3s… but got my dime… in 2.84 out 2.95… plus .11 for =374. more 4 the day… took 1 hr and 37 min :)… in 1:13pm and out 2:50pm… the only bad thing was i was in profit .09 from the start but didnt take it… then went red .03 but held for the push to 3… two take aways dont double dip and take profit… lesson learned 🙂

  2. I did trade September 2nd..Premarket trading was RED..At market open I fell deeper into the red before making a good trade and going GREEN on the day, but then over traded back to red and over traded a bit more to finally end the day slightly GREEN!..So GREEN September 2nd.. See you all in the morning! excited to get going and my sickness seems to have been cured!..

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