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Remember, day trading is risky and most traders lose money. You should never trade with money you can’t afford to lose. Prove profitability in a simulator before trading with real money.

My results are not typical. Do not mirror trade me, or anyone else. Mirror trading is extremely risky

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13 thoughts on “[LIVE] Day Trading Morning Show with Ross Cameron #stockmarket #stocks #daytrading”

  1. So I am trading on the Webull paper trading and went green for the first time. It was a small green but it was green. I am not going live until I know I understand like you always say. My question is I still get confused with bid and ask as well as market order. Should I be just buying the ask and selling the ask? It's like watching a squirrel so I just need to know what to focus mainly on. Thank you very much for everything you are doing.

  2. Hi Ross, hope your doing fine aside from racking some gains.

    This is not about trading but it may affect financial markets in the future.

    How do you feel about Central Bank Digital Currency being pushed by those elitist in the World economic Forum?

  3. Slow day for me but managed to scalp IMMX despite lack of news. Used technical level breaks and looked for candle confirmation above resistance. Protecting profit made by reducing screen time. Back to the grind tomorrow premarket

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