Lightspeed Trader Platform Setup For Day Trading Stocks and Options I Calls and Puts

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*FYI – double click on the option that you’re interested in trading and it will quickly auto populate into the options level 2 (forgot to show that in the video)

Lightspeed Trader Platform Setup For Day Trading Stocks and Options I Calls and Puts I Stock Market

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How To Trade Options For Income (Scalp Trading Strategy)

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed financial professional. These videos are for entertainment purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. Your investment decisions are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion in this video.

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32 thoughts on “Lightspeed Trader Platform Setup For Day Trading Stocks and Options I Calls and Puts”

  1. Hey Matt I just bought your Day trading option guide I am just starting out Day trading, I have been trading stocks and options for about 10 year so I am familiar with option, patterns and such, I am with TD Ameritrade now which it ok for stock or swing trading but not Day trading. I was trading SPY (today) I tried to buy 20 put Contacts for a scalping and only filled 11 Long and gave me -9 on the rest I didn't even realize this for a bit so scrambled to close without realizing I still had 20 contracts loaded and now I am long 11 I ended closing that without to much damage. Also some of my fills were .16 Higher than ask. I am going to try Lightspead, I called TDA they said this happens sometimes, thought I would share this for anyone thinking of trying to day trade TDA.

  2. Matt thank you for this video you made this so easy I really appreciate this as I’m going from TOS over to LIGHTSPEED I was sort of worried but I’m not anymore thanks to you video thanks again you have been such a help to me god bless

  3. How is Lightspped's technical support? IB technical support sucks big time. I have an issue with my hotkeys, which were fully functional prior to a software upgrade, and after 2 days I am still unable to reach someone who is technical enough to figure it out. In the process, I have spoken to two reps who couldn't help; the 2nd tier person had me on hold for 20minutes only to let me know no one was available and for me to open a web ticket in order for IB to call me back. I asked why he couldn't just open a ticket for me and the rep said it wasn't possible. Therefore, I basically had to start from scratch; no case #. With the rep on, we attempted to open a web ticket only to find out the web portal was down so I was asked to try again later. Next day I attempted to open a support ticket via the web portal only to find out it wasn't possible to submit it. At this point, I'm quite aggravated given the amount of time spent so far, especially after having type up a paragraph describing the problem. As a last ditch effort I tried chat support and was passed to next tier support; again I was placed on hold for so long my account timed out due to inactivity. Very VERY disappointing. IB tech support is simply horrible. In terms of best customer support I rank TOS #1, WeBull #2, IB #10. Maybe Lightspeed is next but before jumping ship I would appreciate any feedback regarding Lightspeed technical support. Many thanks in advance.

  4. Hey Matt! Great video! Have you noticed trading options is a lot faster with Lightspeed compared to TOS as well too? When trading Tesla options, do you use market orders or limit orders? Thank you!

  5. Thinking about lightspeed. If I place a market order, will it get filled better than the bid/ask? Fidelity calls it price improvement and that usually means it get filled at mid. I wonder if Lightspeed has something similar? I love Fidelity fills but their platform sucks for day trading.

  6. Now that you've used Lightspeed for some time, how much do all the monthly fees for platform, data, etc, turn out to be? I heard that Lightspeed has a high maintenance cost.

  7. Thank u. Been contemplating on switching to LS bcus I'm so used to TOS but the lag is terrible. Please make a video on how u place buy and sell orders. Thanks in advance

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