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Prop traders use the capital provided by a company to conduct trades involving assets classes like futures, stocks, currencies, and commodities. The more complex trades include derivatives of these assets. A prop trader can work for an online broker or a financial firm, for example. An important aspect to consider is that the trader uses the firm’s money and not the funds that depositors contribute. In specific arrangements, a prop trader provides a part of his capital to ensure that a trader acts in the best interest of the trading firm and is not involved in excessive risky trades.

A prop trader conducts trades on behalf of a firm using the capital provided. A prop trader usually has the flexibility to work whenever he wants and can choose the asset class for trade. There is no minimum limit on the number of hours that a trader needs to work, and this makes it an appealing profession. Any profit the trader gains, they generally split between themself and the company. The exact ratio depends on how the capital was provided. Performance bonuses and profit-sharing can form a large part of the earnings of a prop trader. They place these trades using appropriate strategies through the online platform provided by the company.

Traders generally make use of technical indicators that these platforms provide. It is also necessary to ensure to use a stop loss so that they do not lose the entire capital on a single trade. Each trader has his unique way of trading, which the firm looks to take advantage of.

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