Is The Stock Market Rolling Over [right now…]

Is the market about to roll over or build energy for another leg higher…

We’ll discuss all the details including a variety of charts and markets.

The analysis found in these videos is appropriate for both beginning Traders and experienced Traders alike.

We look at only technical analysis using charts from various time frames using various vehicles. We use only the Candlestick charts and moving averages to determine our next best case scenario.

Providing common sense technical analysis on many different markets using charts from various time frames to give traders and investors the most comprehensive look at what today’s market is doing.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced trader, each and every day there are lessons to be taken away from the in depth market analysis where we look at the market from a unique lens.
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19 thoughts on “Is The Stock Market Rolling Over [right now…]”

  1. Sir, It appears that in strong market, NQ goes up more(and faster) than e mini Sp500. When the market is doing poorly, NQ comes down more & faster compared to e mini. Does it make sense that if market is up strongly for say 2- 3 days in A row, then sell NQ & buy e mini AS PAIR TRADE, and wait. Say 3 days later market is falling strongly 2-3 days in A row,–then reverse the pair trade. Any suggestions for other indices pairs trades, comments ? Thank you.

  2. Naw, it's just you and the media scaring people (remember, the media is owned by some super wealthy people who want to sway public opinion)

    .Last week My portfolio is +5.34% Wed, +4.6% Thurs, 3.7% Friday thanks to Amazon and Apple.

    Amazon prime day grew 8.5% over 2021, whereas target and walmart sales are dropping.

    Sales to high end are doing well: Apple, Amazon, Ferrari.

    Amazon prime units up 20% over 2021, at 300 million units sold.


    .Buy the dip in Verizon and FAAMG stocks (Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google) are such cash cows, and their stocks have dropped -27% since the highs in 11/2021 that I expect they would buy back their shares.

    Here's why:

    – people have jobs, under 4% unemployment

    – banks report the highest balances in people's accounts

    – house values are way up, people can always pull out the equity for cash

    – credit card sales for restaurants and hotels are up.

    – Back to school will increase retail sales. I have to buy the kids a new Apple Macbook, iPad, Apple pen 2nd gen, and dorm stuff.

    Nothing to worry about. Q1 is historically low retail sales for the last 4 years.

    Morgan Stanley data shows that credit and debit card spending are way up (restaurants and hotel), but people just aren't buying lowend retail (Walmart, Target) as much.

  3. I am going to join inside the numbers. Just curious about the unfinished business, no doubt they fill the gaps. I would be interested in your opinion on why that is…it won’t help knowing why I guess for trading but I think it would be interesting.

  4. Didn’t realize it until now, but why do you set your charts to not adjust data for dividends? Looking at the spy 410 area made me realize our charts are different

  5. I have 410.50 on my chart as a resistance level. I still think my phantom candle 410.85 (I think 410.75 is the actual number) is a better rollover number in either direction, but we're at least playing ball on the same field. Either way we're both looking at the same thing daily for a rollover one way or the other.

    My takeaway from today, Trade down to test 406.80, nope rejected off the low (with some volume), trade up to 413, nope rejected off the high with very little volume. Chop shop around 410.75 the rest of the day.

    SInce you mentioned them, AMZN and APPL both, as I'm sure you've seen, have had trouble getting through their next leg and are both stuck. If the big fish in the market are getting ready to pullback the SPY is going to have to follow them regardless.

    I'm waiting on all of the markets to consolidate in their boxes for us to get another really big move.

  6. Hi David, wondering if you can cover NQ, ES and FDAX, as a future trader it is a deal breaker to subscribe to inside the number. I did the lazy Emini course, however it feels that it's not complete without the inside number covering the specific levels of say NQ and FDAX.

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