Investing in Startups | Unlisted Stocks | Meaning, Buy, Sell, Investment, India

As a trader you must be aware of the listed stocks, but do you know there are unlisted stocks too that are not registered in any stock exchange.

As per publicly available information and history, Unlisted stocks do not fluctuate as much as their listed counterparts.

There are various ways in which you can invest in these stocks.
In this video, learn what exactly are unlisted stocks and how to invest in them.

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32 thoughts on “Investing in Startups | Unlisted Stocks | Meaning, Buy, Sell, Investment, India”

  1. Sir it's NYC if u can talk about which private company is better and geniune to buy UNLISTED SHARES like. Unlisted zone or Analah Capital which is better….
    And how we can be known about that they are legally registered company or not for UNLISTED TRADING

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