Inside An IKEA Store After Hours + Carousell's Office | On The Red Dot | Full

Unusual product names, secret food recipes and unexpected closing time activities – IKEA has a long presence in Singapore, but what do we really know about the world’s largest furniture retailer?

On The Red Dot goes behind the scenes at IKEA, to take a sneak peak at what it takes to keep this furniture and lifestyle megastore running. From overnight stocking to photo shoots with cats, this is a side of IKEA you don’t know about.

Then, we’ll visit Carousell’s offices, where we discover the origins of their name, and take in some of the most unusual items listed on their app. Anyone in the market for an $8 million watch?

About On The Red Dot: CNA’s weekly programme documents the stories of ordinary Singaporeans and celebrates their resilience, identity and sense of belonging.
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38 thoughts on “Inside An IKEA Store After Hours + Carousell's Office | On The Red Dot | Full”

  1. Singaporeans… pampered and taking out the joy of everything…… it's really a joy to assemble these furnitures…… dont they play with Legos before? sheesh…

    Delivery i can understand as most of us do not own cars as COE is super expensive…

  2. I will never go into an IKEA again, as the store is set up as a giant maze, where you have to walk through an endless set of display items in order to leave the store.

  3. Sometimes parts can be missing from the set and when you're forced to come back all the way back to a Ikea, the service center treats you like have made a horrendeous sin.
    It was at that point I start getting less Ikea furniture, and instead look at other sellers(mostly locals) with cheaper and sturdier furniture (Ikea's billy book cases have the worst back as it's just a board).

  4. Fun fact Ikea Singapore makes you walk the whole showroom before allowing you to go to the marketplace while Ikea Qatar allows you to go down just like that….plus the seminal rubbish Billy bookcase

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  6. I agree with the presenter, it’s just we are bad at assembling furniture. No time is nice excuse by the IKEA manager. Our D&T teachers all eat snake or we all sleeping in D&T class.

  7. The social media challenge really make more job desc for people who working there, imagine the shop is closing, I hope I can just went home straight home ?

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