I Want to Quit Day Trading Stocks… (so hard!)

All I can say is day trading stocks is hard… be prepared and please learn from me (in terms of what NOT to do). If you want to be a day trader and trade stocks online, the sooner you can learn the painful lessons I discuss in this video, the sooner you are build expectations in line with reality which is critically important. I’m a human being and no matter how much experience I have, I make mistakes and in this case, it was a very costly one. Whether you think I’m a good trader or not, that’s fine, but please at least consider the learning lessons in this video so you can hopefully avoid making the same mistakes I did. Day trading is an ongoing battle that never rests, and these monthly results display exactly what I mean.

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40 thoughts on “I Want to Quit Day Trading Stocks… (so hard!)”

  1. Trust me after 7 years of literally living in the trading simulator and having literally 70 to 80% accuracy and the ability to call one minute candles super precisely, practicing like a madman most likely more than anybody else on planet Earth with high accuracy, when going to transition that same high accuracy into the real market is literally just impossible. Most people cannot get a hold of their emotions. And if you do finally get a hold of your emotions and start trading consistently profitably for like 1 month, all it literally takes is like 30 seconds for you to wipe out one month of gains and have an entire month of your life wasted, except multiply that times like 100 and that's basically what I've been going through. It's exactly what my entire life has been over the past year. It has been nothing but a demented effed up roller coaster, and it has literally eaten years off of my life from the stress. I hate the stock market. I would love nothing more than to see the NYSC explode and crumble into dust. And it doesn't help when you see people who literally have no brain cells accomplishing overnight millions due to nothing but pure dumb luck from irrelevant cryptocurrencies that literally won't even exist in the next 10 years.

  2. Trading is luck… there is no indicator or strategy that helps consistently greater than 50%. less than 3% of traders make it as a primary source of income… another 5% break even at best… the reminder lose. the trading platforms are all monitored by the brokers… and this information is sold to MMs and Tutes… they know where people are sitting and they know statistically at what price levels to apply pressure to move the market in their favor… the other brokers simply makes pennies… on every trade… millions of times per second. Insider interviews have made it clear the market is manipulated multiple ways… targeted news releases… fake pumps… creative accounting… sacrificial accounting moves… paid sponsors for trading accounts… its all out there.

  3. Dude after rough trading today you had me cracking up. Best part the disbelief on the number of trades you made, classic. I know it's like a warp hole, chasing after losses is a gamblers state of mind, almost like going into a blackout. When 4pm hits: WTF just happen to my money and why am I still wearing boxers?! Anyways thanks for the video, live to trade another day.

  4. Still here, had a real bad day/ week/ month. Thinking about quitting, but watching this helped me. I am taking a week or two off trading to refine my strategy and lower my risk back to $20 a trade at the most, 3 trades a day and no rushing. Thanks for your video, really helped me to not throw in the towel

  5. Wow this video’s authenticity is unmatched, never ever you can find as real as if this on youtube.
    Thank you Clay, I can relate to this, have lost almost 15x that in 6months being nothing but stupid

  6. Trader Tom lost 300k recently and the week before last was down 170k on the day before making most of it back . Clay, youve lost pennies but you didnt actually say exactly how you messed up. Averaging down , not using stops , reentering a losing stock , gapped down ?? How did it happen exactly ?

  7. Thank you for this video Clay … I was so close to quitting after 2 days put my whole week red.. your videos are helping alot with filling in the pieces I am missing.

    (Edit: still here. (Just got to that part))

  8. I come back to this video every time I have a bad day. Thank you for uploading it clay. It’s important for my mental health as much as it is yours

  9. Still here. It helps to hear from others with the same struggles. On those days you can feel very along. You see other people making money, or at least following their rules, and it’s easy to get super angry at yourself and discouraged. Yes you need to be critical of yourself to better yourself, but also realize you’re human and will make mistakes. Seeing others fall down and get back up helps the process of picking yourself back up. So thanks for the real content Clay

  10. Still here. I enjoyed and continue to enjoy listening to you. You’re a great trader. You’ve definitely helped me in more ways than not. Do you still feel you want to quit trading? I hope you are being well to and for yourself.

  11. Still here and really appreciate the honesty ??Life is a rollercoaster in every aspect of it and the real strength is to be aware of that and deal with it by staying humble.

  12. Still here bud. Trying to learn and absorb as much as possible, this is a very important part of it. Probably the most important part of trading, because anybody who invest their time and money into it will have days like this…

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