How to Trade Stocks With the VWAP Indicator (2019)

In today’s video, lead trainer at StocksToTrade, Tim Bohen is talking about the technical indicator VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price).

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If most traders are looking at VWAP you’ll want to keep an eye on it as well, because that heightens the potential that your trade will base itself of that technical indicator. The basic idea is you’re seeing a ratio of volume to price, the two most important indicators to many experienced traders.

If a stock is a big gainer, has news, and is trending above VWAP late in the day, that’s a potential buy. On the flip side, as you go into that afternoon and you’re watching that big gainer stock that’s been fading back in the afternoon and then it breaks below VWAP, that tells you that the momentum is leaving. Most of the buyers are out, they’re taking profits and they’re exiting.

Short sellers especially will want to pay attention to VWAP because it’s possibly one of the best indicators. You can start shorting into that VWAP fail, and your clearly defined stop is the reclaim of VWAP.

VWAP is a very important technical indicator. It’s showing you the momentum. It’s showing you, for lack of a better term, the money flow. What’s going on with this stock? Is it bullish? Is it bearish? Look to VWAP to find the answers you’re looking for.

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42 thoughts on “How to Trade Stocks With the VWAP Indicator (2019)”

  1. VWAP is one of my favorite indicators, how many of you are using it? Let me know below or if you have any questions.

    You should be using VWAP! Want to know why? Watch this video!

  2. I like this video, short and to the point! You have a pleasant, voice and presentation style. I have a better understanding of VWAP! And I do use it everyday, I thought of it as a 50 day moving average. LOL. Now I know it's a little more than that. Thank you!

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