How to start investing and trading stocks with Ian Dunlap

Link To The Red Panda Academy:

Stock market expert Ian Dunlap provided 90 mins of detailed stock advice. We covered everything related to stock investing and took questions from viewers. #investing #daytrading

Link To The Red Panda Academy:

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EYL University Code: EYL99
Guest IG: @themasterinvestor

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44 thoughts on “How to start investing and trading stocks with Ian Dunlap”

  1. I have come to realize that as a beginner you will achieve close to nothing investing in the vast stock market all on your own, that's why there are professional stockbrokers and account managers to assist beginners to achieve their financial and stock investment goals.

  2. Every $1 you invest is a little bit of time you buy back in the future. The more you invest now, the more free time you can afford later. Having time and the freedom to choose what to do are the ultimate investing goals.

  3. These guys are scammers dont trust them. They make money of selling courses thats it and the use the us blacks needs to do this and that never trust people selling you courses they are all scammers

  4. 1:30:12 Boy i wish i woulda seen this when it dropped… lord knows i did the opposite of what my mans just said. I been kicking myself for it since December. Getting paid to not work and waited til the end of the year to find the constructive shit to do. I been following all the top Black Stock Market content creators on YT since the top of the year. Yall boys changing my life more than i can explain. Love yall man

  5. What i want to know is which aspects of these businesses, corporations & industries are the ones that effect their stock. I want a list lol, management, business model, new competition, social value changes…..
    If I'm evaluating a company, my ideal thing would be to have a checklist, of things to look for and search up so I can stay updated. Should we be looking at our stocks on a daily basis?

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