How To Pay Yourself: Day Trader (A CRITICAL Mistake Many Make)

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Never ever wait to pay yourself. Make sure you have a consistent stream or better yet streams of income. You want good cash flows and a diversified portfolio that way you will make more rational decisions that aren’t based on short-term returns but rather long-term success.

In this video, we’ll cover how I pay myself every month. One thing I forgot to cover is how much but just think in a simple ratio factor. Don’t worry about a specific number but maybe more like 5-30% of a metric such as overall profits.

Key points:

1. Reduce Risk (Diversify)
2. Grow Cashflows
3. Long-Term Focused

What’s up traders and future traders. Welcome to my channel, I’m Alex Winkler, full time trader of over 6 years and as March 2019 mentor to over 100 students (on launch day alone) in my new Profitable Crypto Trader Course.

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Written by Alex Winkler

Co-Founder of Enzlo Inc. I was a full-time Day Trader in NYC before fully focusing on the company and moving to Florida. As Crypto become a bigger part of our company in terms of payouts, I applied my trading strategies to the Crypto market and was able to consistently growing our Fund. Now, I’ve documented everything online to refine my strategy and help others become consistently profitable traders.

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  1. I swear my next video I'll have a coffee first! Hopefully you guys still get the point, paying yourself is the only way to go. Make your profits and all your hard work more tangible. Paying yourself does just that.

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