How To Pay Taxes As A Trader In 2022

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28 thoughts on “How To Pay Taxes As A Trader In 2022”

  1. So you not only have to be profitable… which isn't easy… But you have to be profitable enough to offset a 40% tax… which means you have to be right 70% of the time.

    Geez, they make it hard to trade don't they.

  2. Hello . I have a question. What if u r using a broker that doesn't accept US residents and u r one of them but u r using it somehow!. When it comes to taxes is that can be a problem paying them?. Thanks

  3. So is it possible to receive your prop firm profits through an LLC and then would that in turn unlock even more tax advantages than if you were just trading with the prop firm as yourself?

  4. so if we are trading through a propfirm we would only pay 24 % max ik it could change a bit each year,also with this way we can still do write offs right ?

  5. Great, can you please put a LLC user friendly guide package together for me. That would be so cool. Thank you. I need to do this,all that you explained. Awesome information.

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