How to make a Premarket Watchlist? Create a Trading Plan for Day Trading Beginners

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How to make a Premarket Watchlist for Day Trading? Learn to create your own penny stock trading watchlist and analyze news headlines in 5 simple steps!
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1:29 Scan for Gappers to trade (Benzinga, Trade Ideas, Briefing, Thinkorswim scanner)
3:29 Find news on premarket gap up stocks
5:00 T12 Trading Halts due to stocks running with no news $DRYS $DLGT $LFIN
6:50 How to analyse news headlines for day trading

How to make a Premarket Watchlist Part 2

For many day trading beginners, it’s too easy to get confused and sidetracked by chat room alerts, scanner alerts, and what people say about stocks on social media.

Thats why it’s so important to learn to create your own Premarket Watchlist for trading. In this video we’ll go over the FIRST 2 steps to my premarket trading plan process and building my own watchlist every single morning.

STEP 1: Scan for Premarket Gapper
I do this with Benzinga Pro, Trade Ideas scanner, Briefing and Das Trader Toplist. The free option would be Thinkorswim Scanner.
You want to look for gappers to trade because those are the stocks that can provide you momentum, volatility fast in the first two trading hours after the open, and sometimes premarket!
My Benzinga Tutuorial & Set up

Different kinds of Nasdaq Trading Halts:

STEP 2: Analyse news & catalyst for the stock gap ups:
It’s crucial to not just have a headline, but also understand the significance of the news for a particular stock.

Headlines could be positive news, like earnings, deals, or a hot sector like the recent biotech stock runs like $CLVS. Negative news like offerings, drug trial failure.

And last but not least, BS news, which we’ve seen many penny stock companies do recently. They would use optimistic keywords to pump the stock up like $CANF $EDNT $ASLN $DRIO

TOP 4 Criteria before Buying a Penny Stock

How to find stocks to trade

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