How to INVEST $1000 Dollars in STOCKS Right Now

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After our video on how to start investing, I got hundreds of comments and emails asking how to put it to work, how to invest 1000 dollars in stocks. I’m using this video to show you exactly that, from the investing strategies every investor needs to know and how to pick stocks to grow that thousand dollars, to the strategy I use for my own portfolio.

Honestly, a lot of this is going to work with any portfolio size. Whether you’re investing $100 or $1,000 or more, you’ll be able to use this advice to keep growing your nest egg. I’ll start by detailing the three major investing strategies in stocks; growth, value and dividends. I’ll show you how to find stocks in each strategy and share an example using my favorite stocks.

Even if you pick a particular strategy, I recommend having a few stocks from each. Growth stocks will give you that momentum that has worked so well over the last ten years. Value stocks are just a natural choice to buy low and sell high. Finally, who doesn’t love dividend stocks? Why not get paid while you invest?

I’ll then reveal the investing themes I’m watching that will turn your 1000 dollars into tens of thousands fast. These are the long-term market forces guiding entire sectors and make investing easy.

Finally, I’ll show you exactly how I would invest $1,000 in stocks for the highest and safest return. I’ll outline my core-satellite strategy of funds and individual stocks. I’ll show you how to use this stock strategy to beat the market and make money.

2:00 Three Stock Investing Strategies
2:40 Investing Themes to Start Investing
3:47 How to Invest $1000 in Growth Stocks
6:25 How to Invest $1000 in Value Stocks
8:30 Investing $1000 in Dividend Stocks
10:55 How to Invest 1000 Dollars in Stocks

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Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps.
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39 thoughts on “How to INVEST $1000 Dollars in STOCKS Right Now”

  1. Is this data based on today's market…with all the doom and gloom naysayers going crazy…my kid wants to invest as one stream into paper trading…what do you suggest with his fist $500…?

  2. If I go with value strategy. And eventually the price matches up with the value of my purchase. Aren’t value purchases capital growth purchases?
    Is there validity to my thinking here? Or am I getting something mixed up… Question from a newbie

  3. Looking at this stock 2 months later and it went from $37 to just $4 per share with an extremely negative outlook.. are you still holding this stock Joe?

  4. Have you made a follow up video? I can’t believe you would even have this video after batting lead off with luckin coffee. I’m new to the game and was hoping for good resource as somewhat of a novice. I would appreciate a reply! I gave you a sub so a response on telling people to throw money luckin coffee here I would appreciate a comment a month later

  5. You blew it on the Chinese coffee stock. That stock was riddled with fraud and anyone invested has taken a bath on it.

  6. This is misleading, not once did you explain the ex-dividend date. Ppl need to know they’re not entitled to a dividend if they buy after the ex-dividend date. This seems to a common trend, why?

  7. Here it is in simple form. Each crisis met with money supply expansion and lower rates. Soon we will be at zero. This a debt crisis like Japan in 1989 … 38000 down to 7000 .. stocks are risky! Out of bullets to save the broken financial system. I'm sad about it but I'm not going long anything but oil and even that I will never have it naked.

  8. Time for everyone to just step back, not get too excited and do some real studying. That is what I was taught in Business School. I'm long USO And short TSLA and then only day trading for now as we are a bit oversold here. Take a look at the market in Japan in 1989 … Look at how far it fell into 2009 … Holy Crap. Tell me we are not putting in place the same policies they did 30 years ago? This is all smoke and mirrors. THE USA IS BANKRUPT!

  9. Demographics are changing within the farming industry and ag sector. Once the "old school" or traditional farmers turn the reigns over to gen x or millennial age groups, I believe there will be a boost in the use of tech, robotics, networks and general advances as far as crop production and crop protection goes. Further, diminishing arable land and an ever growing population will drive growers to utilize more crop consultants and inputs on a much more frequent basis. Older people are less enthusiastic and unwilling to utilize tech, especially the older small farmer who already knows what's been working.

  10. Tobacco stocks are a better play than oil stocks. Comparable dividends and worldwide demand at least stays steady even during a recession (unlike oil stocks). I've built a nice retirement portfolio with these, utility stocks, and consumer staples (toilet paper, anyone?).

  11. I’ve already started but could really use your help? I’ve been a sub for a little bit, and just tried to join your FB group today. I’m starting very small though.

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  13. I do smash a like button haed for ur intelligent video. So u do not use M1 finance or robinhood. Did u ever make the comparison in. Webull. M1. Robinhood Mahalo. all the way from Hawaii. Always great contents. Also if u can make more crowdfunding pre ipo for non millionaires it would be greatly helpful. Mahalo

  14. Investing $1000 into anything is hard especially if your income stream is limited. If one has $1000 to invest your advice would be a great inspiration to move forward.

  15. What about a video on which stocks to invest in when the market finally begins to bounce back after bottoming out. Would be interested on your take. Thanks!!

  16. Which investing sites would you use to obtain information like debt:equity ratio better than peers?
    Also, would you need a screener for this purpose?

  17. There was a lot of air in the stock bubble and it will take some time to deflate. I can not believe you are suggesting anybody put their money in the market given the current conditions!

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