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  1. I have made a beginner friendly (yet detailed) certification course on Quant Finance. For my course on Quantitative Finance contact or WhatsApp me on +31 625521289 or +91 9811519397 (do not call, just drop me a message on WhatsApp).

  2. Hello Sir,
    I am in my CA Final and completing Advanced Valuation from NYU Stern. I plan to pursue MScFE of WQU, what else should i do considering i have no base of programming or mathematical or statistical base ??

  3. Hi,
    Fellow Odia guy here.. I would like to drop you a mail. Would it be possible ?I would not mind if you say no though.
    But i would really appreciate some career guidance

  4. How is CQF course for Quants and related job markets in India? I am from non science background and want to shifty career in Quants. Would CQF help to get any jobs? I understand that we can't aspire earning Crores as brilliant brains from IIT n IIM will get that spot but cant we get into entry jobs which are related to Quants or Risk Management?

  5. Sir currently i am going to enter in my first year of engineering [Electronics and telecommunication branch] in a pvt college , what should i do to get a quant job? is there any chance for me to have a quant job? would they hire me off campus? i am ready to learn econometrics and Stochastic calculus as i have interest in them.

  6. Hey, great video.
    So, I just completed my masters in physics and want to get into this field. I'm decent at maths and can do a bit of coding (only python). But I don't know any data science. What's the next thing I should do?

  7. Hi Biswajit, after being disappointed by so many people saying quants are only recruited from iits, iims and only for people under 25, your video finally gave me some hope. I'm from a background of Business Management and I'm very passionate about capital markets and trading and that's how I got to know about this quant role. I would appreciate some advice and guidance in creating a career path for me in this lucrative role.

  8. Person holding graduation in business without math as a core subject but is super passionate about quantitative and risk modelling can get through this job?

  9. Hi sir I did my masters in Mathematics and Computing from IITG. Currently I am working in ML role at a space tech startup. I have always been interested in mathematical finance because of my interest in Mathematics. I am trying to find an PG diploma in India but there are hardly any. What are the things I should focus to get an entry level role.

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