How To Find Trending Stocks & How To Trade Them! Great Risk To Reward Ratio

In this video, I have explained How to find trending stocks & How to trade them effectively.

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Disclaimer: All of my videos and technical analysis are only for educational purpose, in no way these videos or technical analysis should be taken or considered as investment advice. Accuracy of any strategy/analysis can not be guaranteed.


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29 thoughts on “How To Find Trending Stocks & How To Trade Them! Great Risk To Reward Ratio”

  1. Regarding the people who has posted negative comments here , I just want to say that she is teaching you the most practical methods of making money.. I also am trading since 2007, and can understand how difficult it was to learn technical analysis mentors, no you tube channels .. lots of hard work , back testings, losses , mistakes, complicated indicators, hunting strategies and then finding them useless
    ..etc etc. She has given you something that works . Teaching you how to fish… if
    you like her techniques well and good ..else kindly move on without dropping negative comments ..
    Good job Swapnaja ji, keep it up.

  2. स्कॅन 3 मिनिट पे किया और चार्ट पर 15 मिनिट टाइम फ्रेम पे दिखा रहे है madam

  3. Ma'am sub se best free mi knowledge share karna hi bada karma hi
    Ye B tu log sell karte hi

    Maam what ur doing is great thing after you also your knowledge will be going on and giving fruits to people good karma.

  4. Mam aaj 20dec21 k market me strategy back testing me proper work nhi kri or accuracy almost 50 percent rhi signal mile k bad 3 3 red candle bne bullish trend me fir b breakout nhi hua esa kahi bar hua aaj

  5. Hi mam, I have a question. We are selecting stocks based on cash segment criteria. Using the same screen, can we scalp future lot of the same stock? How is your experience regarding this ?
    Thanks in advance

  6. Good Evening Madam. I am Balachander Rajagopalan. I happen to see this video today. I have a question. Sometimes we get two or more red candles after the two green candles you had mentioned. Is your rule still valid? Or does it apply only after one red candle? Thank you.

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