How To Find Profitable Stocks To Trade – My Secrets REVEALED

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If you’re a day trader, it’s crucial to create a stock watchlist and game plan for profitable trading. Not having a stock watchlist, it’s like going to a grocery store hungry without a shopping list – you’ll panic and buy everything in sight. In day trading, this is a recipe for your account blowing up.

In this video, you’ll learn:
1. How you can find the best stocks day trade every day
2. My step-by-step process of setting up stock scanners
3. My beginner traders, I got you – I’ll show you how to use FREE tools to build this watchlist without any fancy premium scanners or news platforms
4. Finally, I will show you how to plan out your trades on your charts with the help of your watchlist.

As an experienced day trader of more than 7 years, I’ll break down the process into simple steps. Note I said SIMPLE, not EASY. Having a plan can greatly increase your success rate.

As a bonus, I’ll share my favorite “overnight gap up scanner” and several other day trading scanner setups that I use to make a watchlist during pre-market sessions every day. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn how to build a profitable watchlist step-by-step. Keep watching!

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  1. Something that I am very curious about.
    What affects the buy and sell prices at any given time during the day?
    Why is there such a large spread between buy and sell sometimes and not others?
    Why do some stocks have stair-like charts and even stock buying and selling points. For example MDMA sells at .105 and buys at .110. This makes its chart all square and every move on their chart is very even. Who controls the price?

    Also, why is it that a stock can gain 20000 shares and not gain any value, and yet 2 seconds later lose 50 shares and drop 0.5 cents?
    So confused about these things.

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