How To Find BIG MOVING Stocks on FinViz (Stock Screener)

In today’s stock market update we will talk about finding those amazing big moving stocks that we see move 10%+ in a day using the FinViz stock screener. We are going to show you how we can find stocks that are going to short squeeze like GME, AAPL, FB, and PLTR like we saw this past week. We can use the FinViz stock screener to find both stocks to choose from and options to chose from.
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11 thoughts on “How To Find BIG MOVING Stocks on FinViz (Stock Screener)”

  1. Thank you for the great video – There is an important question which I appreciate to get your answer with enough explanations. How to identify in advance which stocks will be moving up based on the short float or short squeeze criteria?

  2. We already know what a short squeeze looks like on a candle chart. We don't need to see that. What we do need to see is your FinViz settings for finding them. That is the most important part, and you just glossed over it with barely any mention.

  3. I'm watched your video and really enjoyed it and followed it step by step (Market Cap- MID, Target Price- above 50%, Float – short, Optionable(I added) . I have a question about it. When looking at these charts, how can you tell when the short squeeze is going to happen to get ready for it? Kinda a newbie at charts, I'm in a stock group on FB and they always tells us when to get ready for it or when it already happened. I want to be able to read charts and find out when the squeeze will happen or when the stock will be heading up in order to buy in at the right time and get money instead of buying on the top and losing money when it goes down. Please help and thank you!!

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