How to buy Stocks with JavaScript // Algo Trading Tutorial for Dummies

Learn how to trade stocks automatically with JavaScript code. In this tutorial, we use Alpaca and GPT-3 to create an algorithm in Node.js capable of making real stock trades. Follow me on Twitter to track performance

#ai #stocks #javascript

? Resources

Source Code
OpenAI GPT-3
Alpaca Trading API
Algo Trading Explained

? Chapters

00:00 Inverse Cramer Strategy
01:05 Algo Trading Architecture
02:37 Initial Setup
02:54 Use OpenAI GPT-3 in Node.js
04:33 Scrape Tweets with Puppeteer
05:36 Make Trades with Alpaca
07:04 CRON Job Function
07:46 Apology

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? Topics Covered

– Algo trading with javascript
– How to trade stocks with code
– Jim Cramer roast
– How to use GPT3?
– How to use Alpaca API?
– Firebase Cloud Functions Cron Job
– API for stock trading

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24 thoughts on “How to buy Stocks with JavaScript // Algo Trading Tutorial for Dummies”

  1. way to go! this is one way to social invest in stocks that are heavily shorted – with fractional trading 1c each every second by million user accounts !! you can scare the shit out of short sellers!! that 1c could potentially give you $1 by eod. rinse repeat next day… and of course trade safely until banned !!

  2. Could you create an Ai which buy‘s and sell‘s based on the volatility of an individual stock. So if the stock tanks your Ai buys in and sells if the price goes up.

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