How to Buy Stocks on Cash App (Investing for Beginners)

How to Buy Stocks on Cash App (Investing for Beginners)
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This Cash App tutorial will show you how to buy stocks on Cash App. On the Cash App you have the option to purchase fractional shares of stocks, so you can invest as little as $1 into any stocks that the Cash App has to offer including the S&P 500. The cash app seems to be a great investing app for beginners trying to invest their money into the stock market.

Note: I am not a financial advisor, this is just a tutorial on how to buy stocks on the Cash App.

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0:00 how to buy stocks on cash app (fractional shares investing)
0:10 how to link bank account to cash app
0:39 how to add cash to cash app
1:09 how to find stocks on Cash app
1:57 how to buy stocks on cash app (investing for beginners)
4:53 how to get free cash on cash app

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46 thoughts on “How to Buy Stocks on Cash App (Investing for Beginners)”

  1. Yo ngl adter having my savings be at a negative 350 and recently just now at 4.06 dollars due to my ass losing money from fake checks ima now try and invest in either stocks or bitcoin cause i fr need money and hopefully each time it increases into an the amount ima sell back to then put however much i earned into my savings for I cant just depend on my job to get money so yeah

  2. Should I buy it when it’s low or high? And will the price change of my value when it gets low % and high % rate? For ex the stock % went up to 1% and I invest only a $1 that will go up but then if the stock dropped it’ll drop my $1?

  3. Hi. Real quick…i bought 146 shares of a Health Group stock = $35 total @ 16 cents, 21 cents and 35 cents totalling 146 shares. After a few month the stock is now at $10 and $20 average price. But is $10 per share now. Well i now own 1.8 shares equalling $35. Wtf.? 🙆‍♂️ is that robbery.? Or normal.?

  4. Ur not investing in the S&P fund bro.. ur investing in the actual company, “S&P” on vid.. should teach folks how to specifically invest in the S&P fund bc it’s confusing on app. Thx for ur vid tho appreciate ya

  5. Thanks for increasing my knowledge in personal finance, I recently subscribed to your channel. I want to give a big shout-out to all those working tirelessly to earn a living and build wealth during this recession. My husband and I are both retired and debt-free, and we're living smart and frugal with our money. Despite the recession, we're still earning passive income thanks to our savings and investments in the financial market. Investing lifestyle has enabled us to earn a steady monthly income through passive means, and we're grateful for it.

  6. I have a question I just started to learn . I’m starting on cash app I bought the sp500 for one dollar and Nike other ones for one dollar ? My question is do I daily than add money buy everyday and watch the money grow? Please help me

  7. Just baught some today but scheduled for 9am tomorrow.

    My question is if you can lose more than the 1$ that you invested? And if there are any other risks to doing this.

    Other than just pulling 0$ and just losing the one that you put it…

  8. Now that they allow you to invest in about 13 years old, I have $70 invested after looking at stocks that are low at the moment, and will probably go on the rise again.

    I’m 17 btw

  9. HONESTLY we need more people like *MitnickSystems*. If you had an army of people like you, we could stamp out these total loss in no time. I love that you're helping the victims too it's ultra gratifying when you are able to save people in real time like you do thanks for recovering mine

  10. Is stocks like gambling. So if I buy stocks for apple or McDonald’s. And it goes up 1% id be getting 1 more dollar in my cashapp and so on and so forth the more I buy the stock.

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