How to Become a Full Time Trader?! The Only Steps You Need to Follow | Eye Opener

A lot of new traders today want to become a FULL TIME TRADER. They want to take up trading as a full time career. In this video, I have explained the exact steps to follow in order to become a full time trader. This video will help you get some clarity and perspective in selecting trading as a full time career.

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48 thoughts on “How to Become a Full Time Trader?! The Only Steps You Need to Follow | Eye Opener”

  1. Dear Mr Sharique
    I am old trader but always net net loser.
    I lost more than 80 lacs in option selling. In 2022 I took a rest whole year to analyse my mistakes.
    I know charts nse option chain
    Fundamental analysis well but all in vain
    I saw ur video and it gave me energy to reenter.

    Thank you and keeping up.
    Plz tell more strategies .
    I impressed with ur 1 percent weekly strategy with Mr Pushkar Raj.
    My capital is 1.5 crore and fear is 10 times of this.
    But I will try with one lot.
    Thank u.
    I saw ur one video with Mr Push

  2. Part time trading has cons too:
    1. Focus. Your day job will consume a lot of energy plus you need to keep upskilling. Multi tasking just makes it very stressful. Dhoni quit his govt job to practice cricket full time.
    2. Opportunity Cost. Ramp up time is very long compared to uni-tasking .

    If trading is your passion and have financial backup to run few months, no harm trying hand at full time.
    We can't define a timeline to start full time every has different learning ability, risk ability and eagerness.
    One life to live. Discuss with family, plan a backup and go for it when you are getting consistent returns 1/2 of your salary.

  3. Given the current market turmoil, I consider taking smaller pilot positions to ensure I’m not overexposed. I think it is important to spread funds in channels that are poised to do well in recession.

  4. i hardly have 1500-2000 capital and I was expecting 1000 per day which is damm funny but only i was here to learn and understand how market works it is not capital it is investment on education on stock market

  5. Larger capital…

    Time to build skill & confidence…
    Time to find out ur monthly and yearly returns that you can generate…
    Time to start increasing ur capital in a gradual manner…

    Psychology to managing the loss and profit….

    Know the historical returns…( for 1 to 3 years)… Build skill…
    Start working towards building your trading capital…

  6. Sir the strategy u have mentioned in the video is exactly what I was thinking of doing but all these ideas where in bit and pieces, but u have put it all together. Also u gave me a confidence that i was thinking right. I badly needed someone to review my plan and tell me if I am thinking right. I watched few of ur other videos and from the first video I have watched u ur suggestions started to resonate with me. I wish to learn more about swing and option trading from u as a beginner. I wish I had learnt malayalam from my wife so that i could watch ur malayalam videos to learn trading. Looking forward to learn the basics of trading from you in English atleast. Thank you.

  7. If you are young, if job market is ready to pay, just do your job and earn as much as you can, one day you will lose your value in job market (after 40 or 45yrs of age), it will kick you out then you start your full time trading, till that time learn as a part time trader.

  8. No hate but who are these people disliking? I mean why? What do you want brother he's doing a great job because of which he's happy doing it and we're happy too! ?

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