How To Become A Full Time Stock Trader | Interview with Jay Oliveira

Welcome back to the Market Chat! This week as our guest we have Jay Oliveira (PBA on twitter) who is a full-time trader with over 20 years of experience. We discuss his background, process, mindset and how to become a full time trader. It takes years of patience, discipline, and hard work to develop your own style and learn to compound.

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0:00 Intro
1:41 Jay’s Background with Trading
3:00 Finding IBD/CANSLIM
3:25 Working in Finance
3:40 Trading in the Late 90s, Working as a Broker
6:25 Advice for young traders, Focus on Financial Literacy First
6:55 2007-2008 Crash
7:10 How to make money in stocks by William O’Neil
7:25 Entrepreneurship
7:40 Emotional Preparedness for trading
8:33 Top Trading Books. Livermore, Morales, Boik, Kacher
9:10 Jay’s Trading Style. CANSLIM and OWL
9:23 The important thing about How to make money in stocks
10:45 You have to develop your own style.
13:40 Weekly and Daily Routine
14:05 The Growth 250
14:50 Accelrating Revenue and Earnings
16:10 Learning how stocks trade the character
18:10 Do you wait for volume. Price First
18:50 Intraday Swings
19:00 Three ways Jay buys
19:20 UPST swings
20:00 Batting Average, Risk Ratios
21:00 FUTU Story
21:40 Don’t get attached to stocks
22:22 Jiu Jitsu and Trading. Benefits
22:50 Being Comfortable in uncomfortable situations
24:30 Jiu Jitsu and trading concepts in context. Experience and Patience
26:15 Determining Trading Conditions. Stocks First.
28:50 2020 was probably the worst thing to happen to many new traders
29:25 Oliver Kell, Know who to talk to about stocks
29:55 Be very careful who you listen to about stocks
30:22 Keep your focus narrow eliminate noise
31:00 Love the grind and the process.
34:00 How to use social media properly
37:00 The first thing I look at before I buy is where I will get out
37:30 Mike Webster Expectation Breakers
38:45 Relative strength and Market Leaders
40:00 Market Feedback on buys
41:26 Losing the Ego
42:00 Don’t argue with the market
43:00 ABNB Undercut and Rally. Bottom Fishing Pocket Pivot
45:00 Stop on the 10day
46:00 APPS Undercut and Rally
47:25 Stops on a closing basis or intraday basis
50:25 Growth stocks recovering. Character change
51:30 Follow the market leaders
51:40 Monday morning gap ups and downs
52:57 FRHC Undercut and Rally
56:40 Tight weekly closes at the bottom of a base
58:00 Earnings, Sales Growth, Estimates, ROE, Funds
59:30 Moving average undercut and rally
1:01:40 Hourly Charts, Tight action
1:03:00 Early entries
1:04:20 AMAT analysis
1:06:30 NVDA Market Leader. Base Analysis
1:10:00 Buying Pullbacks
1:11:28 RBLX analysis
1:13:30 When to wait for the true standard pivot
1:15:02 GLBE Analysis
1:17:00 The Lifecycle Trade
1:17:30 MYTE Analysis
1:20:17 Earnings Estimates
1:20:22 TGH Analysis First Stage Base
1:22:47 OLO Analysis
1:23:00 DV Analysis
1:25:50 Position Sizing With IPOs
1:27:20 INMD Analysis
1:29:20 Accelerating Fundamentals
1:30:00 Sister stocks showing strength
1:31:00 Adding shares, position management
1:35:00 Position versus Swing Trading
1:38:00 Number of setups- market conditions
1:39:17 Advice for traders to shorten their learning curves.

The content of this video is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as a suggestion to buy or sell anything

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46 thoughts on “How To Become A Full Time Stock Trader | Interview with Jay Oliveira”

  1. hope you keep doing this Richard..
    Just to hear a practitioner express himself, is simply unreal.. wish the conversation was longer, more of trades he did take, thinking behind it.. would have been something amazing..
    but this was an excellent lecture i feel.. good lessons.. thank you Jay and Richard.. God Bless..

  2. What a fantastic interview! Jay thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight. I took two pages of notes! You are the real deal. Thank you! Well done as always Richard!

  3. Can't wait to hear this! I am also a plant based 80/10/10 trader. And live in MA like Jay. This diet gives us an edge I believe as it really helps with cognitive function.

  4. DAMN RICHARD/ love your composure and your interviews!! As a young man I'm learning lots and lots of references from you!!! Much appreciation keep up the great work. Natural hater here but had to comment and say thank you!

  5. @richard Moglen : Lot's of gratitude. I have listened to several of the interviews you have done. This one I hv just viewed it for maybe 5th time.. GOD BLESS YOU man ! Jay is just such a fantastic person. Most of your guests are btw !

    I hv started similar stuff : Strong RS , Uptrend CMP>20>50>150 and 150 today>1mth back>2mths back ; less than 25% away from YH and then Breaking Out. Breaking out from even small congestion. Atleast I know what I expect the Price to do and what my Stop is. I usually get my 8 to maybe 40% in just 1 to 5 days..Once In , I get out if I see weakness on Hourly Chart. Or If I see Reversal from a Very stretched away from 5 / 10 MA.

    I dont catch the bottom Or Peak. I may walk away from a monster. BUT I hv really small Losses and have enough Gains. Am learning to not have FOMO either side.

    A lot of ideas adapted from all the great books + your interviews. Wondering If it's a good idea to do this full time.

  6. I been following this dude on Twitter. he talks a great game but he is a major baby. He gets but hurt at everything. And he is really condescending. its like if u follow him u are an idiot and u know nothing. truth is I been trading for a while and he talks a good game but he ain't as good as he thinks and his stocks are major thin. they have great earnings but real thin names. truth is I think he believes all these Twitter con men, and because he ain't trading 100% profit a year. he thinks he is a failure.

  7. Thanks to Richard meeting all these successful people and asking them the right questions. Richard knows how to get into the core.?

  8. It amazes me every time I see these interviews hosted by Richard that he never ever interrupts a guest! Not even once! Such a rarest of rare trait of awesome host!

  9. Such a fantastic interview. "I don't let a mistake turn into a disaster". Great advice. Everyone should watch this interview (all of Richard's interviews- but Jay is so down to earth and practical!) Jay's candor about his personal journey really reached me. He is a very bright man with integrity. Thank you for doing this interview. You may reach many who have struggled in their life.

  10. Nice one! I still struggle a bit with position sizing…
    I see where i'm going to buy and where my SL is and i risk around 0.5%/1% of my account per trade.
    So i just take my Risk / Entry – SL = Number of shares to buy.
    Is it right to do it this way or is there a better way?

  11. I really appreciate how you mentioned that HTMMIS gives you a system, but you need to make it your own. I find so many people talk about the book, yet I notice they dont buy when the book says to (they always seem to buy earlier). I still need to develop this early entry knowledge. Thanks for the info!

  12. I have watched all of Richard's videos and this is one of my favorites. I am new to trading and Jay confirmed some of the approaches I have seen work recently, and more importantly, how to manage risk. Very, very constructive interview. Thanks to both of you!

  13. Richard love this interview. You had Jay at ease in seconds. Such a gift to be able to read each and every guest to allow them to share their story without interruption.
    You are the greatest at this, i said it when i first came across your channel last year and its no surprise your channel has grown exponentially in such a Short time

  14. GREAT advise, not only for trading, but for life too! Saw this on You Tube yesterday, then lost the link…found you when watching a post from TraderTvLive. I subscribed here, looking forward to more great interviews. Thanks Man.

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