How To Become A Full Time Stock Trader!

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21 thoughts on “How To Become A Full Time Stock Trader!”

  1. Couple things. First, what about a cash account? You can avoid PDT with cash account, also futures doesn't require PDT rule. Do you trade futures? Second, what hours of the day are you most active in the market? Asking for when I join tradecaster, so I know when to have time off for trading. Thank you!!!!

  2. Next month I'll be dropping out of college, honestly my life always been risky especially last year I've been really responsible of my self when it comes to funding my trading journey and personal stuff, also never been that good student just failing classes. That's why a willing to trade full time even thought i kinda did it last year. Good luck for every one that have this ambitious goal it's possible don't stress.

  3. sir, I'm from Sri Lanka, still in stock trade in Colombo stock exchange begins from 1 year, these days/from July 1st I'm starting learning us stock trading deeply as per 5 hours daily today I'm starting paper trading from thinking swim, so I need to be consistently profitable full-time trader within next 2 years. this thing enough to be that ????

  4. I have been making 3x my normal salary in the past few months doing day trades. Seriously considering going full time but Im definitely taking your advice and ill wait a full year to prove I can do it

  5. I'm also interested in seeing how taxes work. The thing about having a job is you get health insurance, 401k, etc. And since you are working for yourself, how does retirement work for things like IRAs? And then there's the matter of setting aside contingency money for when your car breaks down or if you're sick…interesting video, though. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Awesome video Sean. aiming to invest everything into dividend stocks at the moment. I have €7k at the moment. Going to join your chat room again over 2 years 🙂 Then i have over 25k to freely trade.. No shitty PDT rule which really messed with my mind and i was unable to pull the trigger because of this rule. Starting with 3k to trade with you and the chat room again. Starting small with also small size trades. Sometimes life does not allow you to focus and daytrade even if you want it so badly..

  7. As always, great video and great info. It takes a lot cause you have to make sure every area is taken care and also you’re been profitable not breaking even. Two years trading and still struggling to stay consistent.

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