How This Stock Trader 2xed His Income Through High Ticket Sales

Fact: Stock trading is NOT for the faint of heart. It’s a ruthless playing field where you compete with savage individuals. It’s a place where markets come and go, where you can lose big and win small!

And that’s why for today’s guest Stephen Andrews, it’s about time to diversify the income stream and dive into something a little bit more consistent.

Today, we have one of our A-players in the industry come over and discuss how he successfully 2xed his income through high ticket sales!

We talked about what made him jump into sales, why he chose to pursue selling and take sales training, how to manage a team or business better, and more!

So go get your headset and join us today for another epic episode of the Coffee is for Closers!

Episode Highlights:
1. Hey, guys! What’s up? [00:00]
2. How Stephen Andrews transitioned from stock trading to selling [01:02]
3. Forex trading vs regular stock trading [02:54]
4. Stephen’s first high ticket gig [05:19]
5. Why Stephen chose to invest in Sales Sniper’s courses [06:48]
6. What makes NEPQ different [08:23]
7. The necessity of regulating sales [09:07]
8. The importance of valuing your employees and showing transparency [14:00]
9. Note: Treat your salespeople better! [21:40]
10. Two skillsets every good sales manager must have [29:16]
11. Brand is not everything when it comes to selling [35:09]

About Our Hosts:
Matt and James are from Sales Sniper, a sales consulting agency dedicated to helping companies increase close rates, build sales systems, and conduct sales training. They generate millions in sales for their clients every month and easily get the top done for your sales agency.

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  1. Awesome, loved the explanation of the nuances between sales and marketing and how that can impact the success of business. Also your Sergeant Matt sounded like a cool dude.

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