How Much Money Does Retail Trader Earn? (95% Of Traders Don't Know This)

Most traders think if they have a profitable strategy, then they can make a ton of money, quit their full-time job, and travel around the world.


Why is that?

Because a winning strategy is only one part of the equation.

There are 3 important things that affect how much you can earn from trading.

So, if you want to learn more and discover how much you can potentially earn from trading, then today’s training is for you.

Go watch it now…


The Ultimate Guide to Price Action Trading:

The Monster Guide to Candlestick Patterns:


Pro Traders Edge:

Pullback Stock Trading System:

Price Action Trading Secrets:

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48 thoughts on “How Much Money Does Retail Trader Earn? (95% Of Traders Don't Know This)”

  1. My aim is making 10000 dollors in a day and I will achieve it 2022 will be my year idc what ppl say about it I will do it man never give up guys you can do anything .

  2. You're the first person I have found that explains things on the level I'm beginning to understand. I see why you have such a large following. I'm brand new to trading and still have so much more to learn and understand before I actually place my first trade.

  3. Done ✅ I will finished all your video… And will watch future videos… Your not only making riches here on earth but most especially in heaven. Your changing, touching and uplifting our trading lives… God Bless You!

  4. Hey Rayner, thanks for this video. All your videos give me alot of value. However I would like to ask on something you often say, which is “Don't focus on goals like: I want to make $20k a month.

    It will NOT improve your results.

    Instead, focus on the process like:

    I will follow my plan consistently regardless of the outcome.

    What is that so? Isnt it good to have a target on how much we would like to gain in a month?

    Thanks for your time mate!

  5. Hope you can also make video on wedges such as ascending and descending wedges.
    I am a bit confused with the structure because it is counter intuitive.
    If I based the structure of ascending and descending traingles vs to the structure of wedges, i am confused.

  6. At 2:58 suck everything out of the mark haha. It’s me your describing. I can only trade one share of $Tesla, then I wait couple of hours to sell and make pennies. Make about $4 in 8 hours. But I believe eventually it will grow and the. Trade in $$$$

  7. I swear when I learned to earn even 1/2% doing daily retail trading, I would convert my room to super modern office. Buy sophisticated computers/lights etc. I would also quit my current job and send me current licence back to then in post. It’s way too difficult

  8. Jesus loves you? it’s not too late to repent? As long as you believe he died for your sins and ask for forgiveness you will be saved? God bless?❤️

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom 🙂 thank you also for inspiring me to work hard and be a disciplined trader.. I have improved my winning rate and realized gains by following your lessons. THANK YOU!

  10. Rayner why do some site tells that you are not a legit trader? There is also youtuber that states that your strategy don't work. How? I thought you're genuine

  11. Great staff Buddy.. Very informative. I'm in South Africa how can I get your learning materials for a BEGINNER. I want to learn first so that I can start trading.

  12. Thanks for the high value content, Rayner! I've had more winning trades recently because of what you share here. ☺ Kudos, my friend.

    Also, maybe you can share your best practice on how you journal and track your trades? Appreciate it!

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