How Much Does Your Average Day Trader Make? Should You Become A Day Trader.

Before Upload to youtube. I upload my journey regularly on my Reddit.

All these videos are not financial advice and the only purpose is to keep track of my trading record. Not to teach anyone anything.

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26 thoughts on “How Much Does Your Average Day Trader Make? Should You Become A Day Trader.”

  1. I used to be a day trader but trading over weeks/months works better for me. Awesome video though great to hear about others success keep it up may God bless you

  2. Your research was exactly my research on how much a day trader makes annually, it wasn't very straight forward. I'm glad at the end you said you had nothing to sell which is refreshing and what YouTube should be about not these desperate dumb idiots trying to sell you a useless product

  3. Just watched the video. Bro you been stepping it up in streams and your video editing! Always been an inspiration for me, keep on inspiring others! The goal is to make BANK boiii!

  4. Trading is a business. It’s not a fixed income. The money grows exponentially as you put in more and more into trades. So these income rates are B.S! Overall, I like this video because the journey to success is well explained!

  5. nice job with the step brothers clip. I've been impressed with your commitment! I remember seeing one of your older videos where you described your trading day (something about you sleeping during the day time, trading at night, then still being their for your child in the mornings). I respect that! I'd say the biggest thing I've taken from you is to use tradersync to record and analyze all my trades.

  6. Lmao I like this video, I'm not much of a daytrader anymore, I'm a swing trader and long term investor. First year of daytrading I sum it up to losing money, 2nd year $12000 profit, and most of my biggest gains are from swing trading and DCAing on stocks for long term

  7. Also to add to that ending. VERY FEW people will believe in you when youre starting out. Keep it to yourself. Its up to you to put in the work, manage your risk and believe in yourself.

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