Fyers App Vs Kotak Stock Trader App | Speed, Features, User Experience

If you are a beginner in the Indian financial service sector, then deciding the right stockbroker who meets your requirements is vital. And selecting the same without using their platforms or without getting real experience with them is challenging.

Further, this decision can get influenced by external factors, but we give you completely unbiased reviews and comparisons.

Hence, today we are offering a detailed comparison between two Stockbrokers trading app- Fyers and Kotak Securities.

In the video, we are going to oversee the below parameters while comparing both of these brokers-
Mobile trading app
Company Background
Their features
By the end of the video, you can quickly determine which mobile app is the best for you, and you can open a Demat account with them and proceed with the trading!

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9 thoughts on “Fyers App Vs Kotak Stock Trader App | Speed, Features, User Experience”

  1. This video is waste of time… Without logging in how can anyone judge app user interface… Pls if ur giving any review or comparison…pls use urself first in reality and then do video

  2. In Fyers Securities i am facing problem specially in Derivative segment to buy and sell Stock call or put options on market rate, their RMS rejects the market order and when we ask them why u have rejected my order, they replied that for stock call and put , buy or sell order u have to compulsory put limit order, this is very ridiculous system of this discount broker.

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