Face2Face: Live interview with a Successful Stock Trader – Deepak

In this video of the e-Face2Face videos “Live interview with a Successful Stock Trader – Deepak”, watch a candid conversation between Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, and Mr. Deepak Thakran, an IT professional who uses his knowledge to practice technical analysis to make profitable trades.

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We will first discuss Mr. Thakran’s background and the events that have led him to become a trader in the stock market.

Mr. Thakran will also discuss the events that led to him choosing the style of intraday trading in the stock market, and how he learned the importance of stop loss and risk control.

We will then start our detailed conceptual discussion with the kind of infrastructure and system that is most relevant to a full-time trader, which Mr. Thakran will explain with his own setup. He will also explain the importance of having a functioning desktop instead of a laptop for a fully efficient trading setup.

We will also touch upon the importance of using multiple charts for trading decisions. Mr. Thakran will then discuss the entire process of how he uses his setup to make his trades.

Next, we will move to some trading strategies and techniques discussed by Mr. Thakran, with real-life examples and charts.

Mr. Thakran will also discuss how he identifies stocks for making his trades, by explaining an analysis behind one of his own trades.

Next, he will also discuss how he screens stocks at the end of the trading day so that traders can ready their trades for the next day.

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29 thoughts on “Face2Face: Live interview with a Successful Stock Trader – Deepak”

  1. Vivek ji, ? Requesting you to please create 1 learning session with you tube channels Ghanshyam Tech , Art of Trading. Presently based at Mumbai.
    He uses only candle stick chart & excellent in Options; as well as in stocks only. He is quick catcher of time & price. Very down to earth.

  2. Aye I saw your video show up and checked it out. Keep it up, I make videos about trading as well. Hmu on IG @lowystrong I've gotten some nice gains this last year and just want to spread the knowledge. Could possibly collaborate and create some sick content.

  3. Vivek ji deepak is such a disgrace, why is trying to insult the PM and his supporters??
    Modi bhakti ki tarah nahi karna to koi nahi, khud ka bhi bata kiski bhakti krta h??
    Shameless guy.

  4. One of the best face to face video and interview…just look at Mr Deepak’ s humbleness and his simplicity to share his strategy and knowledge without any hesitation…hats off to him and again great effort and video by face2face..two golden heart people with clear mindset…its going to help every traders a lot…

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