ex Goldman Sachs Trader Tells Truth about Trading – Part 1

CLICK HERE – – On February 7th 2013, the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Managements Managing Partner Anton Kreil was interviewed at Cass Business School by students of the University. In this exclusive interview Kreil gives an insight into the trends occurring in world financial markets for professional and retail traders, his thoughts on the world of banking, hedge funds, career progression for graduates within the industry and what the future may hold for those graduates seeking employment at Banks and Hedge Funds.

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50 thoughts on “ex Goldman Sachs Trader Tells Truth about Trading – Part 1”

  1. Goldman Sachs – probably one of the most corrupt members of the fiat banking cartel. They have one of the absolute WORST track records as far as their public calls on markets (FACT!). Without the revolving doors between GS, the FedGov, and the Federal Reserve they would be nothing. GS, run by a bunch of Globalist Kleptocrats is a great example of everything that is wrong with the Monetary System & Government, and what is left of the US economy…

  2. Real money makes all the difference, all of these psychology and challenges towards personal plans and knowledge every trading day is very much to be the reason why the least amount of population can make fortunes out of the stock market.

  3. Always be careful when working on stocks and cryptocurrencies always ask for help, as this is how you avoid losses. It is true, but these days it is very difficult to find a Samaritan willing to drive properly, you know.

  4. Great content. I plan to retire at 55 with $3MILLION in savings and a few passive income sources, I'm currently 38 and although I started investing this year I have high hopes for the future. Long-term investment is the best?

  5. We benefited from the same boom. He got rich and I was able to pay for my law degree and eliminate debt. The market boomed from 1988 to 1999. He was where all the action occurred – Wall Street.

  6. well, trading with other ppl 's money is a lot easier than one's own money. that's why lots of people do well in those virtual trading games. we can even do better than buffet and munger sometimes. but to become a trader and climb the ladders in the firms may be a lot harder than trading itself.

  7. Great stocks and I just bought in on them, but I'm interested in making short term profit, let say turn a $150K to $500k in 6months, I'd appreciate tips on how what stocks to buy to make this much profit.

  8. This was quite interesting to watch! given ETH's high gas fees and the oncoming release of Cardano (erc20 converter) and also the recent run-up with Bianca Chain.

  9. Old video and things have changed a lot. When I had my company in London we would cross paths with a lot of the inst traders at parties etc. I met one.trader who I thought was in his 50s another trader pointed out he was 37. Burn out is unfortunately a reality for these guys. I think now a days if you can learn it's almost better to be a retail trader using your own capital.

  10. I think the older times in the stock mkt were better then what we have today…coz willingly or unwillingly u can't have much options to take multiple stocks n positions and cant even switch them very frequently, can't see the fluctuations on daily basis n take impulsive decisions, and since there were very few but trustable stocks available hence chances were higher that all ppl dumped their money in a very few stocks which helped them to create good money… but now a days we are hugely lacking one thing and that's PATEINCE

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