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*vid made 10/2022

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13 thoughts on “ELON MUSK TWITTER BLUE $8 | moomoo Stock Trading App! LIVE”

  1. I'm proud of you Luci.
    You seem successful.
    Remember: G4S- I worked for that Corporation for 5 years. G4S is based in Copenhagen, Denmark
    Ask them for a Threat Assessment. Tell them everything about your situation.
    Referring to your Podcast/Life.
    In my Professional Opinion, the Threat Assessment that, I worked up is correct.
    Call me if you need anything.
    God bless you.
    You must be of importance, for God to have tasked me with advising you on your personal safety.
    Honor God.

  2. I don't own or follow doge but when I saw the recent price action I thought of you straight away. Hope the next bull run, whenever it happens, washes our financial woes away.

  3. I really don't like it at all that we be called peasants at all and most of us that are not popular being called losers by being bulled i don't like it when we get called losers either i always hate it bullying in my honest opinion i just think that's defensive to me not ok and not cool at all i also hear that's what most rich and most celebrities think of us as peasants i also don't like it that most that are rich and even celebrities think they are better than us i have a problem with that because i think everyone should be treat it equally i think it shouldn't matter if some are poor, not famous, not popular, homeless or if someone is rich and famous celebrities but some of us know that not everyone is going to get along i think it's a sad world we live in i always wish we live in a world that everybody got along and also treat it everyone equally i know that's not gonna happen because i know that's very unrealistic but i know that most do give us advice it's ok to be difference that's what makes us unique i agree with that advice that it's ok for us to be difference being unique because i think the world will be a boring place if we were all the same and also think the same that's not a world i wanna live in that's just me i know not all companies, rich people, popular people and celebrities are bad evil i know some companies, popular people, rich people and celebrities are good the something goes with poor people, homeless people i also think not all homeless people are bad either i do think some homeless and poor people are good too i'm also ok if some people trust elon musk that love agree what he is doing or if some people don't trust elon musk that are against just don't like what he is doing disagree everyone is entitled to their own difference point of view take input truth on things and opinions too i totally respect that just like most say can't please everyone i think nobody is wrong or crazy for thinking for themselves having a mind of their own follow their heart instincts i think it's ok for us to agree or disagree as long we respect each others difference point of view on things i just want to share my own difference take input how i truly feel about it luci

  4. $8 will help small small creators and businesses boost their business. That a good thing. People who hates this are the "elite" class who think they are special or better than anyone else.

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