Econ data is now very consistent with a soft landing, says Goldman's Hatzius

Jan Hatzius, Goldman Sachs chief economist and head of global investment research, joins ‘Squawk on the Street’ to discuss how to frame Friday’s jobs report, Hatzius’ thoughts on the Federal Reserve’s moves next year, and how the Fed looks at excluding current events. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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14 thoughts on “Econ data is now very consistent with a soft landing, says Goldman's Hatzius”

  1. The debt ceiling has to be raised by the end of the month or the government supposedly runs out of money to pay for all the things that government wastes our money on, from underwriting drag-queen story hours to paying the pensions of retired Ukrainian government officials. Wouldn’t that actually be a fine opportunity for some vigorous de-funding of government activities, such as the DOJ’s special prosecutor operation, Homeland Security’s censorship office, every dollar apportioned to Ukraine, the FBI’s continuing Jan 6 witch-hunt, the Department of Health and Human Services Covid-19 hoodoo, and probably a hundred other trespasses against the public’s sense of decency and good faith?

    Or else, isn’t the country ripe for a new party that actually represents the interests of the country?

  2. Since Biden took office, there seem to have been more unfavorable results in America. These results include effects on the markets, such as price declines and sharp increases in inflation, as well as bank failures. I wonder if the sudden increase in interest rates will help value investors or if it would be wiser to stay away from the stock and financial markets for the time being.

  3. Just think what it means when we have bankruptcies and somehow inflation continues to tick higher. At the same time unemployment also ticked higher. If people becoming unemployed is not bringing down inflation then we're in big trouble… how can they say softlanding now? We haven't see the Fed's core come down yet

  4. No media comments by the economists about the BLS downward revisions to June and July jobs by a negative 110,000 jobs. So, those two months barely had 100,000 new jobs total. Amazing how BLS puts out initial job data each month and goes back over the next two months and ALWAYS does a downward revision that no one in media talks about. HARD LANDING is coming even with the media's "SMOKE AND MIRRORS" covering Biden's Administration.

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