Eating Meat Helps You Live Longer?

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So did you know that people from hong kong, are the longest living people at over 85 years old? And that they also eat the most meat in the world

So check this out!

“Hong kong, Iceland, and Macao have the highest total meat consumption, all about 370 pounds per capita. “

Wait a minute – then what’s the life expectancy in Macao?

It’s over 85 years old.

Well, What about Iceland?

Over 83!

Wait, so the people in all of these places are eating over pound of meat per day and they’re some of the longest living people in the world?

Okay so what if we’re following the narrative being pushed on us that meat is bad for us, surely the country that eats the least meat lives the longest, right? Well that country is India!

And their life expectancy is… 70.

Okay, so that’s only a decade and a half less than Iceland, Macao, and Hong Kong.

Crazy thought here though, but what if meat isn’t actually killing us? What if meat? Noooo. What if the science was actually wrong? They wouldn’t lie to us about that… would they?

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32 thoughts on “Eating Meat Helps You Live Longer?”

  1. It has mostly likely to do with life style rather than the consumption of meat. The way they consume meat might be different. They environment, the genes, the physical activity, stress levels etc all play a role.
    These regions may be scoring higher in the happiness index than the other countries.
    Their consumption of high amounts of Omega 3 through their overconsumption of fish might be enhancing their lifestyles.
    Their diets might be more balanced.
    They may be a lot more health conscious than other countries.
    The Italians in Sardinia consume high carb foods but they still have one of the highest levels of life expectancy.

  2. Wow this bro a genius .

    Compared a 3rd world country to a first world country .

    Switzerland and Japan have the " lowest " meat consumption per capita in the dev world and live a month or two less than " Hong Kong "

    Did you even put any thoughts to your claims? ?

  3. India also a lot of poverty that contributes to early death. Maybe study vegetarians in richer countries and you will have a better analysis. People will listen to you and think you are right.

  4. Even taking India out of the conversation looking at countries with high meat consumption and you see longer life expectancy. People talk about Okinawas longevity and they eat more meat than the rest of Japan, the two studies that push plant based narratives like the china study was an observational study which is flawed because people lie, forget or don’t know mamas secret recipe the entire thing was asking people “hey what did you eat?” And that isn’t science. The saturated fat observational study was flawed because the guy that wrote it omitted data that proved him wrong. You start with observational studies to get an idea then you do double blind studies, they are far and away more solid science.

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