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46 thoughts on “Earn 5000rs. daily in Stock Market | Stock Market for Beginners | G.V. Satyanarayana”

  1. 5 లక్షలు ఇన్వెష్ట్ చేస్తే 5000 నుండి 15000 సంపాదించుకొనే టిప్స్ చెప్తా ఒకవేళ రిస్కు ఉంటే ఒక 3000 లాస్ వస్తది

  2. Option trading is quite Risky, don't ever do that with out experience all your capital will vanish. Try to buy stocks with your own capital and sell in profits

  3. 30వేలు పెట్టుబడి పెడితే రోజుకి 5 వేలు వచ్చే మార్గం చెబుతాను .
    నా cell no నా ప్రోఫైల్ ఫొటోలో ఉంది

  4. 30వేలు పెట్టుబడి పెడితే రోజుకి 5 వేలు వచ్చే మార్గం చెబుతాను .
    నా cell no నా ప్రోఫైల్ ఫొటోలో ఉంది

  5. Intraday trading by beginners……very very dangerous…. Entire capital may be lost in two days…….you will get a profit of Rs., 30000/- on one day and a daily loss of 10000 on. Ten days…. Control yourself…… Discipline is very important….. Practice with very small amounts.. Say.. Rs. 200/-…

  6. Trading knowledge lekunda chesthae loss 100% Soo first demo trading chese train avvande, appudu meku oka idea untundhe So losing rate takkuva untunadhe actually trading knowledge unte daily 20-30k easy gaa earn cheyyochu just meku stock market medha knowledge ekkuva undale, hope you get it guy's.

  7. Beginners may get profit of Rs. 10000 on one day and get a daily loss of 40000 on next two days. Practice well with very very little money for many months and get proper training.

  8. Yes he his true, and I am trading according to him from before with 30k capital, with min 1k to max 3.5k profits. But once we receive profits after one trade I have learnt not to trade again because it may downfall all of the sudden within minutes that we can't expect and of course some will go up upto 200 points also but without greed we have trade in specific time. For me nearly me half an hr or one hr we can make profits later the market changes that we can't even expect the profits or loss.

  9. There is no concept of earning money without any risk. Options have the highest risk. These youtube channels and thumbnails bluff the people and make them lose money. If we analyse, In this video he mentioned return of 5% per day. 20 trading days 100%(20*5%) return per month. Per annum return comes to 100%*12=1200% 1 lac return without compounding becomes 12 lacs return. If stock market is such a easy task as they mentioned in the video that we can earn 5% easily per day without any risk. Why Ambanis, tatas, birlas doing business that earn 10% return per annum if it was so easy to earn money in the stock market. There is no concept of earning money easily in stock market. 2% of the people will be in profitable position rest of the 98% will lose. Don't believe all these and never trade in options directly. Better try good stocks intially. If he earns 5% per day he won't give interviews like this. These people just bluff and exploit the people's money.

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