Day Trading Stocks – $3k Institutional Weekly

Day Trading Stocks – $3k Institutional Weekly

In this Day Trading Stocks video Neerav Vadera analyses Day Trading from an Institutional Perspective.

The information in this video is applicable whether you are a Futures, Crypto, Forex day trader or even longer term trader. This volume trading analysis is based on his experience working on some of the world’s leading Trading Floors.


The G7FX Institutional Trading Masterclass includes Live Forex and Futures Trading Examples, Audited MyFXBook Results. Footprint, Orderflow, Volume Profile and much more…


Neerav Vadera has more than 16 years’ experience as an Institutional Forex and Futures trader. He has worked at the very highest levels in the Forex and Futures trading departments at some of the world’s leading investment banks and prop firms.

His ethos is to provide the information that really matters to those who want to start trading forex or futures. G7FX fulfils his vision of offering the same standard of professional trader training that is given in the best global institutions.

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19 thoughts on “Day Trading Stocks – $3k Institutional Weekly”

  1. NV. I have been following your institution Sunday breakdowns. And I must say you are really good at this. No doubt at all. I have not seen such clarity and deep analysis in the market like this especially on the tube. Men you good. Thanks for the effort in putting into these videos. I know it's time consuming but yet u make it happen. The least we have to say is a thank you for this work. This is a pure institution trading content no bagawire.

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