Day Trading Legend: CIS – The Most Notorious Day Trader in Japan

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This video covers the story of Japanese Stock Trader CIS. It depicts how he grew his small portfolio into a multi-million dollar portfolio. We highlighted his most iconic trade in which he made thirty-three million dollars. He became the man who moved the Nikkei, a well-known Japanese stock index.

True events inspire this story. Some incidents, events, people, characteristics, and locations are speculation. CIS’ true identity is still anonymous today.

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Sound Design, Voice-over and Music by Yakuma Bear.
Editing, Graphics and Thumbnail by Cuddle Bear, aka ‘Cuddles’.

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31 thoughts on “Day Trading Legend: CIS – The Most Notorious Day Trader in Japan”

  1. Hey everyone, I am new to this channel. What forums do you recommend to get trade signals, valuable and key insights from titans who aren't afraid to share nuggets for beginners to succeed I am sure many were in my position at some point, thanks in advance.

  2. $18 trading acc into $…., within less than …. months , that would be a great caption or documentary. Would love one day if I become legendary for my history to go down in this documentary type instead of the matrix books

  3. Hey Stupid Video maker. Please try to use YEN sign instead of USD. I guess you also need to learn this for proper and authentic communication of ideas. With all due respect.

  4. this video really inspires me to become a trader , out of all the trading tiktoks and youtube videos i watched , it doesn't compare with this and it really encourages me to become successful in the future , im new into this trading thing since im still a teenager , but i wanna get in as soon as possible so that i can support my families and myself , man CIS is one hell of a guy risking it all andn winning all of it just like that , im glad i found this youtube channel about trading stories , now i have something beneficial to watch when i have my free time lmaoo , keep making videos like this , and share more stories and inspire others too♥

  5. I. Really learned a lot from your video and it always inspire me to continue with my billionaire journey trading is sometimes very frustrating when you experience lost buh thank God I saw your video it keep pushing me

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