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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. The videos on my channel are for educational and entertainment purposes ONLY. I’m simply documenting my trading journey so that you have the potential to take ideas and inspiration from the videos that may help you within your own journey. But remember, trading/investing of any kind involves risk. Your trading/investments are solely your responsibility. It is estimated that upwards of 83% of retail investors lose money in CFD trading.


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27 thoughts on “DAY IN THE LIFE OF A FOREX TRADER | London”

  1. forex retail trading is scam. ppl make money selling courses rather than trading. naive desperate poor ppl give away their hard earned money to this fancy well comunicator bulshiters. Cant wait for the day this scammers will go to jail.

  2. Great work bro! You’re the realist most professional one I know of.
    Good point said on those prop firms… but I guess they need to have it that way to make money. I dunno ?‍♂️

  3. Respect for having the confidence to stand up and openly criticise the time limits set by prop firms for challenges. It's obvious why they exist from the firm's perspective, and the reasons you offer from a traders perspective are also clear. Hopefully, with new firms innovating on this aspect, and people like yourself speaking out on this – we can start to see better solutions for traders in the future – especially from the top firms like FTMO.

  4. I love how you were/are transparent about the whole process. Love how you said "I'm a little nervous to speak". I can relate to that when I give presentations 😀
    Thank you for always sharing your journey with us.

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