Dark Side of Stock Market | How Stock Market Manipulation works? | Insider Trading |

Stock Market manipulation and insider trading are some terms you might have heard a lot but how exactly does it happen? In this video, I explain the concept of Insider Trading, Pump and dump schemes and Short and Distort concepts. Basically, How is the stock market exploited? What are the negative consequences of investing in the stock market? I also explain how the profit motive is hurting the society and environment in general and how stock market bubbles start to form.

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0:00 Introduction
1:15 Why Stock Market Exists?
2:31 Insider Trading
5:50 The Profit Greed
8:45 Herd Mentality
11:08 Pump and Dump
13:38 Bubbles and Crashes
17:44 Final tip

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42 thoughts on “Dark Side of Stock Market | How Stock Market Manipulation works? | Insider Trading |”

  1. Rathee Ji, Namaskar. I don't understand about the money that gets invested in the share market. Either by SIP or direct investment by mutual fund managers or direct investor investment doesn't go for the upliftment of the company directly. Money gets transferred from one man to another.
    Actually, the money should be invested in the companies directly and with that money company should increase productivity and after that profits should be shared between the investors.

  2. Don't gamble away your hard earned money!!!
    Even if
    Planning to buy Bitcoin think and do the maths guys… you would have gained 3X (times 3) if you had invested when it was close to $15000, anyway that would have been possible. may be X4 when it was $8000.
    Remember If one would have lost they would lost X15000 (times 15000) then and times 35000 now… you never know
    Why I am saying this is because Bitcoin is not even made out of gold ha ha ha ha and paying so much to purchase 1 Bitcoin is like I would say the most foolish choice
    Next up to the moon will be Shib token or Shiba Inu coin, just a probability and this is because of the strong Shib army and its affordability as its not too late and more over it's popular!!! So, if you think I would say… Don't waste your money on something you cannot afford and don't keep switching from one to a nother and loose your money in fees.
    Make wise decisions and invest only what you can afford to loose without taking much risk thinking long term.
    Again something that is costing you more than a dollar because of it's demand is useless (for example how much coins you get for a dollar)
    because these are designed so that only the rich can afford it! So think before one false prey and gets stuck with something like bitcoin if you are investing on it right now paying more than $35000 to just own one bitcoin I would personally encourage or promote where a come man can afford to purchase it. You can become a billionaire or even Trillioner in Shib by just owning Shiba inu or Shib because it is affordable to everyone and more over it is popular!!! With low risks as well!
    Hope everyone makes wise choices!!! This is not a financial advice nor a recommendation to buy something!!! It's only being said because loosing heaps don't feel good and I personally don't want this to happen to anyone!!!

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