Day Trading with me:
Today, we’ll be using ChatGPT to generate a trading bot and testing out various strategies with ChatGPT and Tradingview.

Creating a trading strategy with ChatGPT seems interesting, and as a day trader, of course, I cannot miss out on these potential profits! I want to know if ChatGPT can generate the best trading strategy using $100K capital.

We’ll be covering:
1. How to use ChatGPT to create a trading bot using Pinescript code with indicators for entries and exits.
2. How to backtest the AI bot trading strategies step by step.
3. If the ChatGPT bot was profitable… or not.
4. The advantages and disadvantages of using ChatGPT as a trading bot.

I spent the whole day trying to figure out how to train the bot to give you the proper answers you want and, of course, implement the Pinescript code to create a working trading bot. Yes… I even upgraded to pay $20 a month to Open AI to create this video.

As always, ask me your questions in the comments section below, and I hope you enjoy this video!

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36 thoughts on “ChatGPT AI Made Me A $100,000 TRADING STRATEGY”

  1. Aren't some companies already implementing AI and selling their trading platform product? I don't know how reliable they are. But this looks interesting, with the potential for good results despite your weak initial testing. $124 profit on 100k…

  2. AWESOME VIDEO!!!… I’m using my personal key strategy to trade stocks, but currently I must enter and exit my trades “manually” everyday between 10 am and 12 pm.

    Having a trading bot like this would not only keep me from having to trade manually on a set schedule… but the trades would also be more precise by executing the trades as the conditions happen rather than when I notice them during my daily check in.

    Thank you so much for this priceless info (literally)!!

  3. I looked into Tradingview and to join is free but to do anything else you need a subscription. Is there any other platform that a newbie can paper trade to learn the basics for free. If Trading view can do this, I cannot find it.

  4. AI! Please do another video. You made a mistake on the 3rd bot attempt. You kept it at 14 and didnt change it to 30. Thats why the results were way off. Go back and try that strategy again!!!

  5. I have asked chatGPT ( so many times ) with different recommendation of how to trade stocks on NYSE and every time, chatGPT always refused to give me the answer because it says it was not trained for this kind of request, in another word, chat GPT will never give out any recommendation of how to trade stock for profit, for making money, blah,blah…

  6. People keep using AI as if😅😅😅😂😂 (software) been around for ever. I make 23% gains every day on 10k ty for the information to prove this is not ready. 😮

  7. You should be able to weed out a lot of the false signals if you can add ( lets say ) the ADX and an “ If over 20 ( trending ) then enter trades the way you have them) or “ if less than 20 – (ranging ) -No entry.
    Just a thought.
    Should bump win % up a lot. CHAT GPT RULES ! Ha. Thanks.

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