Buying Pre-IPO Stocks: What You MUST Know (Angel Investing, Marketplaces, SPACs)

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39 thoughts on “Buying Pre-IPO Stocks: What You MUST Know (Angel Investing, Marketplaces, SPACs)”

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  2. Anyone having problem with the "Email verify"? I don't receive any mail, I have tested two different mail addresses. And nothing in the "Spam".

  3. Thanks Sebby! Nice video. I don’t know about Sofi but just wanted to know in general. Like which trading platform offers all the ipo’s for retail investors. I have robinhood and webull account but some recent ipo’s like Didi are not available here.

  4. Video is a week old and still no pinned comment pointing out the audio mess ups? Should definitely have that for the people who watch thinking their device or WiFi is suddenly messed up

  5. I like the idea, but as you said, it involves having available capital mostly just sitting around at least for me. I must admit it's the only way to get some of the opportunities that the big banks and whales get.

  6. This video is sort of a joke. The way to invest in Pre IPO stocks is to join an angel investing group/club. They are all over the country especially in major tech hubs.

  7. Timeline
    0:00 Start Here
    1:16 #1 Insider or Super User
    2:05 #2 Institutional Capital
    2:45 #3 SoFi Sponsorship
    4:00 #4 SPACs
    4:53 #5 Marketplaces for late-stage companies
    6:13 #6 Early/Mid-Stage Platforms

    2:05 The second way for people to get into these deals — who aren't insiders — is going to be institutional capital

    4:27 = the net asset value, it's pretty much a pile of money

  8. Yes i am willing to invest in Pre-IPO stocks. I have the webpage for SoFI saved. I heard about it a month ago. How difficult will it be to purchase the stocks? How far ahead of the release date? How much is SoFI adding to the share price?
    Can you help with the process of share purchase if there are any problems? Do you have a direct purchase contact with SoFI?

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