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Gurukul Season 2 Pune Day 01, a seminar where Dr. Vinay Prakash Tiwari is giving guidance to the people who are share market beginners and also who are already into trading where he told that Nifty is not the only way to earn profit, we all can gain a great margin of profit by buying other stocks. He also discussed about all common quarries about trading like –

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Dr. Vinay Prakash Tiwari is a inventor of LTP Calculator. Audience also shares Ltp calculator reviews. He also tries to help those who are in a corporate job and don’t have much time for trading, by covering the questions like how to do share market with job and trading along with job.

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Vinay Prakash Tiwari on Zee5

Learn option chain analysis from scratch. This will help you in picking good trades as well as in managing the trade by knowing where to stop and where to take your profit.

Now we are even bigger and having 15000+ professional traders are in the community. We can’t wait to have you inside the webinar.

Watch this entire course in 2 hours so that you can start applying the knowledge immediately.
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Live MASTERCLASS On This Sunday You have a chance to learn option chain analysis in Just Rs. 199/- (+GST)
Time: 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

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Here is what you are going to learn :

✅ Option Chain Analysis.
✅ How to use LTP Calculator.
✅ How to Select strike price while Trading Intraday option in Index or Stocks.
✅ How to grab the benefit of Greeks i.e. Delta & Theta & Vega.
✅ How to Calculate Option Premium Demand & Supply.
✅ Net Change Analysis to Find Day Direction.
✅ Time Value Analysis to find Entry & Exit Points for Intraday Option Trading .
✅ Straight & Diversion Trades .
✅ Open Interest & Volume Analysis to find Intraday Support & resistance 6
✅ LTP Calculator Invented By Mr. Vinay Prakash.
✅ Entry Point Target & Stoploss.


What Does Zee Business say about us!

Mr Vinay Prakash ji has developed LTP calculator for earning profits in NSE option trading. Vinay sir is full of knowledge & all students will be benefited, who join to #Investingdaddy community (
) and take the benefits of this LTP Calculator. Making profit in intraday trades, has been really one of the biggest challenges for #intraday traders but be happy because, the puzzle of intraday #tradingstrategy has been resolved by Mr. Vinay Prakash Tiwari who is founder of Investing Daddy Investment Adviser. Most of the intraday traders are worried because they are being looted by intraday stock tippers or poor intraday tips. As well as there are a lot of frauds in stock market on the name of the best intraday tips.


First you LEARN AND THEN REMOVE THE “L”. call on Need Help? | 1800-309-0666 or you can fill below inquiry form link. For details:

Vinay Prakash Tiwari wins the prestigious National MSME Award 2022 for his venture-Investing Daddy

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21 thoughts on “Best way to pick Stocks for Option Trading | Gurukul Pune Season 2 | Investing”

  1. I joined the community about 3 weeks back… learning a lot from Vinay Sir….LTP calculator is awesome ?… and most important thing which I learnt from Vinay Sir is PATIENCE… trade as well as life ?
    Truly appreciate his patience,hard work and selfless teaching……
    Wishing him all the happiness in life…
    Thanks for everything

  2. Bhaiyo agar aisa hota toh ye guru ji bravachan date hai toh khud Q nahi 10,20k cr kama liye hote aur mujhe koi ek bada traders bata du Jo logo ko Gyan date ho,wo apne kaam par focus karenge na ki Gyan date aur dusri baat options me positional tradeing successful nahi hai

    Agar aapko kaana hai toh scalping kar ke kama sakte ho

    Bhaiyo Mera yahi manna hai ,jisko bura lage lagne do

  3. कड़वा सच – Trade आपको कोई नहीं सिखा सकता । ऐ तो आपको खुद से ही सीखना पड़ेगा ।

    Trading का Basic सिखके अपने Real money से trade करने चाहिए ।
    ?Paper Trade और दूसरों के टिप्स से आपको कुछ नहीं मिलने वाला ।
    अपने असली कैपिटल से ट्रेड करो और लॉस करते रहो ।
    हर loss का कारण लिखते रहो ।
    ? जिस दिन आपका total loss 3 Lakhs minimum जाएगा और maximum ( कोई limit नही ) , ईसके साथ 500 गलतियां पकड़ पाओगे जिस कारन आप का लॉस हो रहा है ।
    उसे दिन से आप Profitable Trader बन जाओगे ।

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